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[Exposed] Ex-Military Intelligence Officer Finally Reveals the Secret to Her 90.9% Success Rate

One 5-minute trade could generate gains of 40-100%

Even if the market takes a “nosedive”

October was rough for most investors... but while they scrambled to soften their losses and were thrilled with a meager 8% gain, Profit Amplifier members were using an incredibly sophisticated, yet simple to use system to rake in gains of 40… 60… 100% or more on the same trade… and best of all, with my Options Tactics, you could make money no matter which direction the market swings.

But none of that matters unless you know which trades to place and when. My system will help make picking the right trades quick, simple, and easy.

Amber HestlaMy name is Amber Hestla.

I’m the Chief Investment Strategist for Profitable Trading.

I’m also a girl from Wyoming who gained an interest in finance while serving in the military as an intelligence officer during Operation Iraqi Freedom.  I have no formal education in finance, nor in higher mathematics. And I've never worked a day on Wall Street... or at a brokerage firm anywhere…

And yet... Top traders on Wall Street are terrified of me…

Why? Keep reading to find out.

In 2015 I was awarded the Prestigious Charles H. Dow Award in New York at their members-only Gala Awards Dinner… While still in my 20’s.

This award recognized me for outstanding research in technical analysis for my work presented in "Fixing the VIX: An Indicator to Beat Fear."

My writing has been featured in trading magazines including the Market Technicians Association newsletter, Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, and Stocks, Futures and Options in the United States, as well as Shares, a weekly trading magazine published in the United Kingdom.

I’ve maintained a 90.9% win rate as Chief Investment Strategist at Profitable Trading.

And, if you’ll give me the next 10 minutes of your time, I’ll show you how I did it and how you can join me in making incredible profits… especially when the broad markets are in a “nosedive” and other traders are selling everything in a panic...

Now, I realize that military and finance don’t seem to have much in common. But by a strange twist of fate, as is often the case in life, my career in the military led me to something else -- in this case, finance.

Amber in the militaryYou see, I was trained as a military intelligence operative. My job was gathering and analyzing intelligence to minimize the number of lives lost on the battlefield.

It was between one of my tours abroad when a colonel pointed out to me that avoiding risk to reach an objective in battle was not unlike avoiding risk to reach an objective in finance.

Both require the use of intelligence to avoid danger... and to get you to your goal as efficiently as possible.

I have to admit, I didn’t see the similarity right away. But he put the bug in my ear, and I was intent on seeing if what he said was in any way possible.

After all, my analytical skills saved hundreds of lives on the battlefield. Could I become equally successful when applying it to finance?

So, in my spare time, I started figuring out if what he said could be true and how I could actually make it work… and it worked!

But there was a huge problem… you see I’m not entirely comfortable around those “stuffy wall street types”

I prefer the simple life where I can enjoy the freedom my financial success gives me.

I feel much more at home in the great outdoors... kayaking in the Big Horn Mountains... or spending time on my 80-acre ranch... which I also acquired on my own from funds I generated with the system I’m about to show you.

I wanted something that was simple and easy to use… so simple I could make my trades effectively and efficiently from my laptop at home.

I soon realized that my unique take on Options trading could be used to help others find the same success that I’ve enjoyed. But I didn’t know where to turn or how to get the message out.

Until 2013, when I was approached by Profitable Trading and asked to be an analyst for them. They had the ability to help me get the message out… and best of all they are not “Wall Street know-it-all’s” with hidden agendas and ulterior motives. 

Over the last five years, I’ve held several positions inside Profitable Trading and helped other smart investors enjoy gains reaching 40-60- even 100% … here’s what some of my readers had to say about my services:

Teri O. of Smyrna, GA says:

 "Although I had studied options before through other sources, I didn't understand the process well enough to feel confident enough to actually place a trade. This was exactly what I wanted - someone to guide me through options trades."

Jim Q. from PA adds:

"[The service] has paid for itself at least 100 times over - that's no typo. "

William B., Wichita, KS had this to add:

"I appreciate the research that you have provided behind each recommendation, as it relieves me of that responsibility. I have averaged $3,000 to $5,000 per month from your recommendations."

My goal is to help as many people as possible to generate the gains they need to live the life they’ve always dreamt about.

Which is why I am so excited that I’ve been asked to bring my 90.9% win rate to Profit Amplifier.

Profit Amplifier uses a privately created system of indicators, that we’ve spent years perfecting, to amplify the gains from any stock move -- no matter which way the market is moving by using options (but more on that in just a moment).

Inside Profit Amplifier I'll show you how an upcoming 5% or 10% move in major stocks like Apple or Exxon can make you 40%-100% or more, in a matter of weeks.

chaos tradeJoin Profit Amplifier today to ensure that no matter what happens in the broad market–your portfolio is protected.

As soon as we receive your application, you’ll be given instant access to your private member's area and I will immediately send you your first issue of Profit Amplifier.

Once Inside your member's area, you’ll also gain instant access to the four crucial reports that will help keep options trades simple and easy to follow while helping you maximize your gains (including our “little black book”). I highly recommend you start with these first.

The first report I’m including with your access to Profit Amplifier is the key to making massive gains while other investors scramble to soften their losses.

This report could be like finding the holy grail of Options Trading... It’s called:

The Chaos Connection reportThe Chaos Connection: How To use Options to Survive, Thrive, and Profit in a Market Crisis

Inside this special report, I show you exactly how myself and my team find the perfect options plays and how to effectively execute put trades that let you walk away with massive double and even triple-digit gains while other investors are “happy” to see 8% gains.

Using this system will allow you to relax and sleep peacefully at night knowing that you’ve taken the steps to not only shield your portfolio through any crisis... but also give yourself the opportunity to profit while everyone else scrambles to reduce their losses.

Following this simple system is like putting a coat of armor around your portfolio.

Options 101 reportReport #2: Options 101.

This report details exactly how the options market works and how you can use it to consistently generate money.

In it I show you, in plain English, exactly how options work and how they can:

  • Protect you from taking a loss on your stocks if share prices drop

  • Help you buy stocks below the market price

  • Generate extra income from your stock holdings

  • And much, much more.

If you have never used options and have no idea where to start, you'll find everything you need to know inside this report.

Options 101 is not just for beginners.

Even if you've been trading options for years, this report could be an eye-opening opportunity. Inside I cover the deeper nuances of:

  • How options are priced

  • How to recognize which options amplify your gains the most

  • How to calculate the risk of any particular option

Profit Amplifier’s Brokerage Guide report coverReport #3: "Profit Amplifier’s Brokerage Guide."

No scrambling to find a broker that specializes in options... no more worrying that you’re being taken for a ride by your current broker.

In this report, you’ll gain exclusive access to our carefully curated collection of online brokers that provide options trading services and I’ll also show you exactly:

  • What you need to create your account.

  • The contact info and other important information needed to get started.

Your current broker could be overcharging you… and you’d never even know it without this report.

Don’t let its size fool you, This simple 8-page guide could cut hours of research off your plate and may even save you some cash….

The last report I’m providing to you is one that we’ve rarely ever let anyone see…

Little Black Book of Trading Secrets report coverI call this the “Little Black Book of Trading Secrets.”

In it, we reveal the exact process we go through to find trades and how you can use it yourself to better estimate the risk/reward for each trading opportunity.

You’ll discover exactly how to analyze and rate the most important factors that can affect the outcome of any trade.

You won't find this information anywhere else, at any price… And it’s yours free along with the three additional reports I just mentioned when you join Profit Amplifier today.

With a full report dedicated to each step of the plan, I cover every angle and answer every question you could possibly have… guiding you through the process of protecting your portfolio and turning crisis into cash.

Each of these reports would typically cost you $99… (and remember, our “Little Black Book of Trading Secrets” isn’t available to the public. You’ll be one of a select few that will ever own a copy of it.) but when you join me inside Profit Amplifier today- they’re yours 100% free.

Think about it, just a few keystrokes could lock in 100%+ gains in just a few short weeks from now.

Just like Ed H. of Aurora, OH who says he makes "$700 to $2,000 in monthly income," using this strategy.

Or Carl G. of upstate New York who is bringing in $1,500 per month - enough to fund his grandchildren's 529 college plans

Or like Jack M. of Philadelphia who said that in three months, he used this strategy over and over again to make $7,900. "It's allowed me to be more relaxed in my retirement," he says.

This could be the single most important decision you’ll ever make as an investor... luckily it’s an incredibly simple one.

To get your FREE reports as well as instant access to all of my current research including my most up to date picks all you have to do fill out the form below.

Profit Amplifier turns tiny market moves into massive gains... usually within a couple of weeks... And I do all the hard work and heavy lifting

I’ll do all the research, make specific recommendations, and walk you through each trade.

I’ll give you the step by step instructions and show not only what to do, but when to do it ( this is crucial for any type of options trade).

This system is so simple to use that it takes most people less than five minutes to complete each trade.

Membership definitely has its privileges

Inside Profit Amplifier you’ll also have access to all of my research and I’m also including:

Profit Amplifier Semi-Weekly Updates

updates imageEvery week, I will send you 1-2 investment opportunities that could provide an incredible boost to your portfolio’s power.

Each recommendation includes a full analysis of the opportunity at hand with specific instructions on how to take maximum advantage of the situation… I do all the dirty work and research for you, so all you have to do is make the trade.

Special Alerts

alerts imageSome of the trades I recommend are incredibly time sensitive and need to be made quickly and decisively, which is why I’ll also be issuing special alerts directly to your inbox if and when they are needed.

I am constantly reviewing new investment options and as soon as I have one fully vetted you will receive an instant alert notifying you of the steps to take to maximize your profit.

This means you get immediate access to them so that you can take action and start amplifying your profits as soon as the trade is made.

Members-Only Website

website imageAs soon as you join, you’ll receive a login and password to access my private, encrypted website.

Here you’ll be able to access every issue we’ve published, all of the research for all current and past picks, and every special alert that has been issued.

This is also where you will access your reports (be sure to bookmark this page once you’re inside).

VIP Customer Service

Nate EquallAs a Profit Amplifier member, you also become part of the Profitable Trading VIP community. And we make sure you are treated accordingly. That means you get direct access to me by email, as well as a dedicated Customer Service team and our Client Care Manager, Nate Equall. Nate is on standby to help you with every aspect of your membership and to answer any questions you may have...

Join me now to protect your portfolio, your family, and your entire way of life from what could be a very turbulent time in the near future.

The regular price of a one-year membership is $1,994 and considering the gains you’ll have a chance to make from a system that regularly helps smart investors like you pull in double-digit gains while everyone else is “happy” with tiny 8% gains, this is an exceptional deal.

But, when you join today you’ll get instant access to everything I’ve laid out for you at a fraction of the normal rate…

Right now you can get a full year's access to Profit Amplifier for only $997 - that’s 50% off the normal rate.

This is the first, last, and only time we’ll offer Profit Amplifier at this price.

Once you leave this page I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to honor this price.

I Guarantee My 90.9% Win Rate or Your 2nd Year Is Free

I guarantee that I will maintain my 90.9% win rate through your first year of service or I’ll extend your Profit Amplifier membership for another year completely free.

And claiming your guarantee is as easy as calling our toll-free membership desk.

This is your one and only opportunity to get on board at a fraction of what we normally ask for a service this in-depth... Don’t miss out on the chance of a lifetime.

Remember, Profit Amplifier has already brought in massive gains for thousands of investors just like you in both market upswings and nosedives… and that was before I came on board….now you’re getting the benefit of my 90.9% win rate along with one of the most powerful and proven options trading system available today.

Give us a call: If you have any questions or would like to pay by credit card over the telephone, please give us a call at (855) 512-6698 and mention promotion code PA12-007.

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