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Rent Your Shares

Did you know you can receive a monthly income from the stocks you own...
...much like you would from a rental home?

Rent Your Shares

Did you know you can receive a monthly income from the stocks you own...

...much like you would from a rental home?

"Those of us on a quest for extra income may find it in an unexpected place -- our portfolios of stocks."
-- Businessweek

Dear Reader,

If you're like most people, you'd think it foolish to own an investment property and not rent or lease it out.

But did you know that when it comes to your stocks, you're essentially doing the same thing?

That's because the stocks in your brokerage account can also generate monthly income, much like a rental property. But you're probably not taking advantage of this.

Consider for instance, that if you owned a $150,000 apartment in Boston, Houston or Seattle... depending on the neighborhood, you'd collect about $1,400 a month in rent.

Likewise, if you owned only $80,000 worth of stock in companies like Apple, Facebook and Intel... you could essentially do the same thing and collect $1,400 a month on them.

The best part is, this income is in addition to the dividends these stocks already pay you.

Though few investors know anything about it, renting stocks is big business on Wall Street...

According to Forbes, "Securities lending reaps $8 to $10 billion annually for Wall Street, but is a business largely unknown to the general public."

In fact, as The Wall Street Journal explained, "[It's] widely used by pension funds, endowments, index-fund managers and other large investors as a way of squeezing extra income out of a large stock or bond portfolio."

The good news is, collecting an additional income on your stocks isn't difficult...

One person I showed this to, Dennis M. in Ohio, held stocks in his account for decades, never collecting a cent on them... until I showed him the steady income he was missing out on. He recently told me:

"At present I am averaging approximately $2,000 a month. Certainly this is much more attractive to me than dealing with the headaches of real estate management."

You rarely see this talked about in the media. BusinessWeek did an exposť on it in December 2004, saying:

"Those of us on a quest for extra income may find it in an unexpected place -- our portfolios of stocks."

This is an especially great source of money if you're retired... approaching retirement... or just want to boost your monthly income.

As Philadelphia native, Jack M., told me, "I am retired and this has allowed me to be more relaxed in my retirement. I now feel that I can make my money last... and still have a large amount to give to my children."

In this presentation, I'll show you everything you need to know to collect $1,800 or more like this every single month... starting as early as this month.

And how to do it regardless of whether the stock market is going up, down or sideways...

So if you're interested, let me start by showing you what The Wall Street Journal calls...

"Wall Street's most profitable businesses"

Few people know it, but stock rental is big business on Wall Street, and an essential part of the financial industry.

In fact, most Wall Street funds couldn't turn a profit without it... and rely on their stock rentals as a large portion of their firms' income.

Take Wall Street firm BlackRock, for instance. It makes over $1.7 billion each year renting its stocks out... that's $7 million every day the market is open.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this kind of income "is sometimes the only item that makes a brokerage firm profitable."

You see, brokerages can charge high rental fees because there's a high demand for their stocks every day the markets are open.

Most of this demand comes from hedge funds that need those shares for their complex trading strategies. They can't buy the stocks outright, because making such large purchases would move the shares prices against them -- which would eat away at their profits.

That's why they rent shares for their trades. By doing this, they acquire the stock temporarily without affecting the stock price... and use it to generate their huge profits.

For them, the stock rental fees are a tiny cost compared to the money they make with those trades.

And for these brokerages -- renting out their shares is an easy way to generate extra income without doing any work.

As The Motley Fool reported, "Securities lending is highly lucrative, and it can be almost pure gravy for fund firms."

Yet, you rarely hear about this in the press. Stock rental rates just aren't reported on Yahoo Finance or CNBC.

"Equity financing is one of the few markets left where availability and quotes aren't listed on a screen," reports The Wall Street Journal.

And unless you have a portfolio worth tens of millions of dollars -- you don't have enough to compete in this market.

The good news is, there's another way you can rent out your shares -- which doesn't require you to have a multimillion dollar portfolio.

In fact, you can do it with blocks of just 100 shares, with nearly every stock listed on the Nasdaq and the NYSE.

For instance... could collect $355 for every 100 shares of Facebook...

...$475 in a month for Visa... $1,050 for 100 shares of Amazon... $1,150 for Chipotle... $940 for Google.

Every stock pays a different amount. But if you have a portfolio of 10 or more stocks... the money you collect really starts to add up.

100 shares of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) $355
100 shares of Visa (NYSE:V) $475
100 shares of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) $1,050
100 shares of Chipotle (NYSE:CMG) $1,150
100 shares of Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) $940
200 shares of Caterpillar (NYSE:CAT) $316
200 shares of Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM) $396
100 shares of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) $330
400 shares of Walmart (NYSE:WMT) $416
300 shares of Costco (NYSE:COST) $606
Total monthly income $6,034

This is a great source of extra income most people completely miss out on. But I can show you how to start collecting it as early as this month.

"I'm a huge dividend guy. My entire portfolio is set up to generate income."

He was surprised when he found out about the income he was missing out on. But a few months after learning about this, he received $11,000 and said...

"I am very impressed so far... [the] percentage returns are great, but it's the actual dollars made that make this go. I will soon live off the income."

Or Chris F. in New Jersey, who told me, "Financially it has stopped the bleeding and helped earn me profits on stocks I own whereas in the past they just sat there."

In fact, I've shown this to hundreds of people, and they're all receiving a great additional monthly income...

Like Phil W., a New York farmer who is receiving $600 a month and using the money to buy a new tractor...

John I. in Florida, who is receiving $1,000 a month...

...and many, many others.

Phil W., Cowlesville, NY $600 a month
John I., Sopchoppy, FL $1,000 a month
Edgar H., Aurora, OH $700 to $2,000 a month
Derek S., Wirral, UK $1,000 a month
Malik M., San Francisco, CA $600 a month
Carl B., Broken Arrow, OK $260 a month
Allyson L., Washington, DC $1,500 to $2,000 a month
Zdzislaw A., Fishkill, NY $314 a month
Dennis J., Tallmadge, OH $250 to $700 a month
George H., Kenner, LA $2,500 a month

Unfortunately, the details of how you go about renting your stocks is a bit more than I can cover in this presentation.

But I still want you to have this information. That's why I put everything into a FREE, in-depth report called, Rent Your Shares and Collect Income on the Stocks You Own. It tells you everything you need to know, including:

  • Which stocks make the best rentals...
  • How much you can expect to make on each stock...
  • Why some stocks pay twice as much as others...
  • How to collect these payments each month, regardless of what the stock market -- or stock prices -- are doing...
  • And much, much more.

As I mentioned, this report is completely free. All I ask in return is that you also try my new research service, Maximum Income.

Let me tell you more about it... and about how it relates to the income secret I just told you about...

Maximum Income from your stock portfolio

You see, I started Maximum Income in March 2014 to answer the many questions I've received about my own personal income.

My name, by the way, is Amber Hestla. And although I'm talking to you about finances, my background actually isn't in the financial industry... or anywhere else on Wall Street.

My original training was as a Military Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army. But I was also assigned to do intelligence work here in the United States, in the National Guard.

And it was during this time that I came across information rarely known outside the financial industry, similar to the income secret I just shared with you.

Shortly after discovering this, I was deployed to Iraq and I became preoccupied with other things I'm even now forbidden to talk about for security reasons.

But upon my return, I was still intrigued by the financial information I found prior to my deployment. So I pursued it on my own... and started applying the income secrets to my own finances. It wasn't long before this new income consistently surpassed my military salary.

I felt I had stumbled upon something important... and wanted all my family and friends to know about it. Especially my parents, and retirees who could use the additional income that they were unknowingly missing out on.

So I started sharing my experiences. And since then, my success has been featured in trading magazines such as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities... Stocks, Futures and Options... and Shares, a weekly trading magazine published in the United Kingdom.

It was around this time that Profitable Trading, a division of a multimillion dollar financial research firm in Austin, TX, learned about me.

They approached me about showing their readers one of the trading techniques that I've been using... One that's been making money for me consistently for the past six years.

The technique isn't difficult, yet like the income secret I shared with you earlier, it's largely unknown among ordinary investors. So it wasn't much of a surprise when most of the people we showed it to had no difficulty using it. And they began doing equally as well as I was...

Like Albert Q., a Florida state fire marshal, who told me, "The results have been amazing. I have generated over $60,000 in pure profits since I joined your service."

Another investor -- Bernard A. in Carmel, IN -- emailed to say, "All your recommendations were winners!" And Li Y. told me, "I have never lost a single penny."

"This is the first time I have had a 'strategy' and a system to generate consistent and regular income," said Arizona retiree Dennis J.

Unfortunately, as great as this trading technique is... it wasn't for everyone. It required up to $25,000 in your brokerage account to use it... And not everyone was interested in a new trading strategy, no matter how safe or easy it may be to follow.

Some people simply wanted to use their portfolios to maximize their investment income.

And that's what Maximum Income is all about.

It takes you beyond simply collecting dividends and shows you all the additional ways you can collect income with your stocks that you may not be aware of... like the stock rental strategy I showed you earlier.

So, how do you collect that kind of an income yourself?

It's easy. All you need to do is have the right brokerage account...

Opening a High-Income Brokerage Account

As you may know, most brokerages offer various types of accounts...

You can have an individual account... a joint account... a custodial account... a sweep account... trust account... short account... guardianship account... a margin account... discretionary account... various types of IRA accounts... and many others.

But what you may not know is that nearly all brokers let you open another type of account that lets you use your stocks in ways most investors never imagine... Different firms may call it by different names, but I refer to it as the "High-Income Brokerage Account." And the rental strategy I described to you wouldn't be possible without this account.

Without this account, Forbes reports, "You can give up a golden opportunity to put your money to work."

That's because most regular brokerage accounts don't allow you to do anything more than simply buy and sell stocks.

But a High-Income Brokerage Account lets you do much more than that... including allowing you to rent your shares for additional income.

Best of all, you can usually convert your existing brokerage account into a high-income account with no hassles at all.

For instance, if you already have a regular investment account with your broker... chances are you'll only have to fill out a short, two-page form to convert it to a high-income account.

If you have a retirement account, like an IRA, in most cases, a broker will also let you convert it to a high-income account without affecting its IRA status.

Many brokerages allow this option even if they don't advertise it. I know that all the major brokerages like Fidelity, E*Trade, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade and Scottrade let you do this.

One person I showed this to, Amey P., told me, "I have been using this in my IRA account and am able to generate 5-6%."

Another person, Martin F., is getting 14.6% on the stocks in his account.

And Alaska resident Freddie B. made over $2,700 and said, "That's over 10% in 3 months."

A High-Income Brokerage Account lets you do much more than the rental strategy I just showed you. In fact, I've prepared an extensive report that details everything you need to know about these accounts, and I'd like to send you a copy today. It's titled: How to Open a High-Income Brokerage Account.

In it, I show you...

  • What to tell your broker so he switches you over to a high-income account...
  • How to keep your retirement account's status if you wish to do this with an existing retirement account (such as an IRA, Roth IRA, and even many 401(k) accounts)...
  • How to fill out the simple two-page form your broker may require from you...

I'll also show you...

  • How to ensure you receive the highest income from the stocks in your account...
  • Which stocks pay the highest interest...
  • And all the additional ways you can use your stocks to earn the extra income you may be missing out on.

This report is also FREE of charge, like the first report about using your stocks to receive rental income. And you can get your hands on both when you try my financial research service, Maximum Income.

When you do, you'll be able to join subscribers like...

Wisconsin retiree Daniel T., who made $6,700 and told me, "It's working. I never learned this in business school."

Or Peggy R. in Cedarville, CA, who made an extra $13,200 last year...

Texas retiree Charles L., who recently collected $8,200 in his high-income account...

...And Sharon E., a single mom in Portland, OR, who received $3,420 in just the past four months.

And that's the great thing about Maximum Income... it shows you how to collect a high, consistent income stream you can depend on.

It's how I supplement my income. And I take these income secrets for granted. But it astonishes me when I hear how people are unaware of even their basic rights as a shareholder...

Do you know your stock rights?

You see, as a stock holder, you have certain rights and freedoms that go along with your stock ownership... but which you may not be aware of.

For instance, did you know that if you own Ford shares, you can buy Ford vehicles nearly at cost?

Or that there are 600 companies, including Coca-Cola, which have a special 1-800 number for their shareholders, so they can buy even more shares without brokerage commission costs...

Or that some companies like Aqua America, Piedmont Gas, and a dozen others, will sell you shares at a 5% discount... if you're an existing shareholder? (That's like making an instant 5% gain the minute you invest.)

Most shareholders simply aren't aware of the additional rights they receive after they purchase their shares.

According to The Wall Street Journal, 96 out of every 100 Ford shareholders literally threw away thousands of dollars when buying a new Ford... simply because they never read the fine print that came with their stock ownership.

As Julie Froment, an insider who tracks these rights, reported:

"There is no industry standard as to how [these rights] are distributed to investors and some companies do not actively promote them."

As a result, most people never take advantage of them. Which is too bad, because some of these rights can put thousands of additional dollars in your investment account on a regular basis.

For instance, there's another shareholder right that lets you use your shares in ways most people never imagine... Yet, just like everything else I've showed you, it's used on Wall Street every day.

It involves stock insurance. If you're unfamiliar with it, stock insurance is similar to life or car insurance. But unlike those two, it can also be used as a way to invest. You see, with stock insurance, you can actually collect the insurance premium, instead of paying.

I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but if there's a way to make money off something, Wall Street has figured it out...

As Forbes reported, for these professionals, "collecting premiums looks like finding money in the street."

And fortunately, it's a shareholder right you can exercise as well... as a shareholder in any one of 2,615 companies listed on Wall Street...

A Michigan retiree, Thomas B., told me, "I'm averaging about $500 each time. The money is immediate and allows me to make profits without fear."

Best of all, exercising this right doesn't take much work. As one California broker, Stephen Savage, confided...

"There is no such thing as a free lunch, but in this case all the lunch costs is a little initiative."

Unfortunately, like most purchases, when people buy stocks, they rarely read the fine print. As a result, they miss out on thousands of dollars they could legally be entitled to.

But you don't have to miss out any longer...

To help you exercise your most profitable shareholder rights, I've prepared an in-depth report called, Know Your Shareholder Rights: How to Collect All the Income Entitled to You by Law.

This report is also FREE of charge. And you can get your hands on it now, when you try my financial research service, Maximum Income.

When you do, you'll be able to join subscribers like...

Joan L. in Carmel, CA, who made $1,527 in the first two months and told me...

"I am 84 years young and retired. I have just recently started using your strategy and I love it. It allows me to generate new income quickly. This conservative approach is a perfect fit for my goals."

Or Roberto V. in New Hampshire, who said...

"I've been a member for 5 months and I made $18,000."

Or August B. in Texas, who's made $42,000 and is using the money to put his two grandchildren through college.

And that's the great thing about Maximum Income... my service shows you how to collect a high, consistent income stream you can depend on.

Collect income on the stocks you own just like the Wall Street pros

You see, over the years, I've found there are certain people who love the type of investing I've shown you today...

They enjoy maximizing the income from their investments. If this sounds like you, I encourage you to try my service.

When you do, I'll introduce you to ways of using your stocks you've never imagined... or even thought possible.

And I'll show you strategies most people know very little about... like opening a High-Income Brokerage Account... and the various ways to use it... including stock options.

You see, stock options are often the best way to generate additional income from your existing stocks. And you can only use these strategies in a High-Income Brokerage Account.

Now, when I say stock options let me be clear up front: In order to do the things I've described today, you will NOT be buying any options.

In fact, I believe buying options is best left for people who like risky investments.

Personally, I'm not interested in taking these risks. My only interest is in maximizing the income in my high-income account... by exercising all the shareholder rights that help me do this.

As a result, when you use these secrets, you will be using the options market in a much safer way then you may ever have thought was possible.

In fact, the Boston Globe claims these secrets "can be used to make stock investing safe enough for widows and orphans."

And once you personally see the results, I think you'll realize there are few things in life simpler or easier than collecting this kind of income.

One person I showed this to, for instance, Jeff M. in Texas, had a hard time believing any of this was even possible. But I walked him through the steps, and he's now collecting an extra $300 each month.

He recently told me, "The proof is in the money. You made a believer out of me."

Remember: You don't need any special skill or prior experience. Just a willingness to try something you may have never done before.

So, if you're excited by the idea of making extra income each and every month... I think you're going to love this...

"It was not too hard... the extra income helps to defray the expenses of our travels worldwide," said Tennessee resident, Joe R.

"I prefer your strategies over buying & selling stocks because it produces steady income with less risk," claimed civil engineer, Eric W., who receives $4,500 a month.

And New York subscriber Alex F. collects $800 a month and said, "I have not found a better adviser than Amber. Not only does she research thoroughly and win consistently, but she clearly explains her rationale and answers readers' questions."

So, how much does it cost to join readers like these?

I happen to know Wall Street advisors charge their wealthy clients tens of thousands of dollars for similar information. And I'm sure it's a fair price, considering how much money their clients make.

But I also know that many people who want to try my service don't have that kind of money to spend on an investing program yet. I want to make this information available to anyone... especially the people who could benefit the most from it.

That's why you won't be paying anything near Wall Street prices if you try my service today.

And when you do, you're under no obligation to stay with me, and you can stop and get a full refund.

But before I give you the details... let me show you one more thing you'll discover with your subscription...

Used by pros, this financial formula actually predicts how much a stock will move with 94% accuracy

There's a financial formula used by pros from some of the largest Wall Street banks, including Goldman Sachs... Morgan Stanley... JP Morgan... Bank of America... and many other big-name financial firms.

It's the secret behind many of their top money making strategies -- which they have been using for decades to rake in billions for themselves and their wealthy clients.

Forbes actually calls it "the holy grail for investors."

I'm talking about a sophisticated financial formula that can tell you, with high probability, how much a stock will be worth two weeks... three weeks... even three months from now.

And while it isn't a crystal ball by any means, according to an in-depth three-year study, it's accurate an astounding 94% of the time.

Now, the formula doesn't work over long periods of time. For instance, it can't reliably tell you what a stock will be worth a year from now.

But over the short term... a few weeks or a few months -- its accuracy is uncanny. As The Washington Post reported, "It has proved empirically accurate."

For instance, I know of one Michigan University economics student, who landed his first job at the Pittsburgh National Bank. He was introduced to the formula for his job, and was instructed to use it to make money for the bank's investment accounts. Within a year, he also made a million dollars for himself and retired at the young age of 28.

And to be honest, I use the formula myself... and I've been able to generate money every single time I've used it so far.

In fact, in the past year and a half, I've used it over 61 times, and every single time, I made money.

This isn't something I normally share with my Maximum Income members. But if you try my service today, I'll give you the full details on how this formula works... and how you can use it without having to do any of the difficult math yourself.

I'll show you in plain English:

  • How and why it makes money...
  • How Wall Street developed a trillion-dollar industry to profit from it...
  • And how you can take advantage of this market, to profit from it yourself.

You can have all the details in my report called, Wall Street's Original Money Formula: Predict the Market with 94% Accuracy.

Like everything else I mentioned, this research report also comes free of charge when you take a risk-free trial of Maximum Income.

When you do, you'll be able to join readers like:

Carl G., who said, "I average about $1,500 per month. Amber has changed my life, her conservative method takes a lot of worry out of investing."

Wing-Nih H. in Florida, who said, "I have been with Amber since the inception and have been making money, not losing a single trade since."

And Colorado undergraduate student, Elizabeth S., who makes $300 a month using these secrets and told me, "I am saving the money to buy a newer car."

So, if you're interested in trying my service -- and benefiting from all the information I just showed you -- here's what I suggest you do...

Try it FREE for 6 months

To get started now, let me know that you're interested, and in the next few minutes I'll give you online access to Maximum Income and all of the incredible opportunities and reports I've mentioned

Maximum Income normally costs $599 for one full year... about as much as a weekend getaway.

If you take advantage of even one idea I've told you about, you could make your subscription cost back the first time you try it.

Just like William C. in Tennessee, who collected $4,000 each of the first two times... that's 13 times the subscription price!

Or like many of my other subscribers...

"The subscription has paid for itself," said Fred P. in Allentown, NJ.

Christopher O. told me, "My return on the subscription fees is off the charts. I have used Amber's trade recommendations to generate over $50,000 in nine months."

And Brad C. in Boston told me, "My income has risen 400%. Yes, I made my investment back in the first 30 days. You're a jewel!"

In fact, after using my service, some Maximum Income members don't think I charge enough. As Richard W. in Oregon recently wrote me...

"Amber you really could charge a couple of hundred bucks more a month. I make $3,000 to $4,000 a month and think Maximum Income is great."

That's what makes this offer so valuable. The first time you use my service could pay for your entire subscription!

Having said that, I'm here to help people, and I realize that in spite of everything I've said in this presentation, there are many who need an extra "nudge" to try something new.

That's why, for a brief time only, I can make you a special offer, and give you half a year of Maximum Income FREE of charge.

So instead of paying $600 for one year, you can try it for just $299.

Now keep in mind; I can only keep this offer open for a short time... on a first come, first serve basis.

After we've added enough new members to my service, the discount will end and you'll be too late.

As a new member, you'll receive the full details on all the income opportunities I mentioned:

  • Rent Your Shares and Collect Income on the Stocks You Own... which reveals how to receive additional income on top of your dividends by using Wall Street's reliable stock rental secret.
  • How to Open a High-Income Brokerage Account.... which can earn 10 times more than any bank savings account... simply for letting your stocks sit there, month after month.
  • Know Your Shareholder Rights: How to Collect All the Income Entitled to You by Law... where you'll learn to exercise the most lucrative shareholder right allowed by 2,615 publicly listed companies... and
  • Wall Street's Original Money Formula: How to Profit Predict the Market with 94% Accuracy...

And of course, you'll receive my Maximum Income research every two weeks... that's 24 issues per year.

In each issue, I'll brief you on the best stocks to use to maximize your income... and the specific strategies for doing so.

And you'll discover my best income-producing secrets, so you can use them safely to generate more money than you may have imagined possible.

In addition, I'll also begin sending you...

Market Outlook
It's another financial research service, which is available to you free, as a new member.

Each week, you'll receive an exclusive financial forecast and analysis of the global financial markets... including specific investments positioned to outperform the market.

This market road map is compiled by my colleague, John Kosar. If you haven't heard of John, he's frequently quoted in the financial press, including The Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Yahoo Finance, Reuters... and is regularly seen on CNBC, Fox Business and Bloomberg TV.

John is the go-to guy for many Wall Street firms... and provides them with much of their financial research.

In fact, a Private Wealth Manager at Morgan Stanley recently revealed John's research is "a key component ... in getting ahead of upcoming moves."

I believe financial research like this should be available to all investors... not just wealthy professionals. That's why we struck a deal with John, to provide our paid subscribers the same market insight.

And if you take advantage of my offer today, I'll include his service with your subscription... absolutely free.

I urge you to give my service a try.

You see, after working with people from all walks of life, I'm confident that you could easily have all the income you'll need if you take advantage of just one of the secrets I described.

And don't forget, you're under no obligation when you try Maximum Income. If you're not happy with my work at any time in the first 60 days, let me know and you'll get a full refund. It's that simple.

But I don't think you'll be canceling after you see the money coming in...

As Steven K. in Colorado told me, "I was able to generate over $62,000 last year in my retirement account."

Or as Charles B. said, "I only had the subscription for 6 months, and made $3,851."

So I hope you'll give Maximum Income a try. There are so many great ways to increase your income. Most investors simply don't have a clue where to start.

I can show you the secrets of opening a High-Income Brokerage Account... and all the ways of using it to collect thousands of extra dollars every month. You just have to give Maximum Income a try.

So click on the link below. You'll be taken to a secure page where you'll be able to review your order...

And remember, I'm not asking you to commit to anything. I just want you to try my research for yourself.

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