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The Levy Technique: How to Make Average Annualized Gains of 123% Trading Options

Watch the six-minute training video below to discover a millionaire trading prodigy's two-part strategy. It's delivered annualized gains of 220%, 508%, even 2,201%... and allows you to profit whether stocks go up or down.

The Levy Technique: How to Make Average Annualized Gains of 123% Trading Options

Watch the six-minute training video below to discover a millionaire trading prodigy's two-part strategy. It's delivered annualized gains of 220%, 508%, even 2,201%... and allows you to profit whether stocks go up or down.

Fellow Investor,

If you’re tired of making a mere 5% to 10% returns per trade... and would like to try to amplify those gains into 50%... 75%... even 100% windfalls or more in a matter of months... weeks... even days...

...then the two-part trading strategy I’m about to share with you could forever change your financial future.

It was created by a former Wall Street prodigy named Jared Levy... and since we started sharing his results with a small group of traders in the summer of 2014, the results have been truly amazing.

Take a look at how Jared played this recent’ Apple trade...

From June 20 to July 28, Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) share price went up 7%. But by using his special options strategy, Jared made 63%.

The same thing happened with a little-known tech company called Level 3 Communications (NYSE: LVLT).

Analysts fell in love with Level 3 last year, and the share price responded in a big way... jumping 5% in June and July alone.

But only those who used Jared’s technique saw a 100% gain.

Using this technique...

  • In September, a 7% gain in Burlington Stores (NYSE: BURL) turned into a 50% windfall...
  • A 7% jump from Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) in October turned into a 65% haul...
  • An 8% two-week bump in Aetna (NYSE: AET) last summer transformed into a 70% bonanza...
  • And many, many more.

In fact, Jared shared 30 highly profitable options trades in the latter half of 2014 alone.

His winners generated an average return of 56.8%... and the average holding period was just 27 days.

Let me repeat that: 56.8% average returns in just 27 days per trade.

That means over a six month period, you could have turned a $10,000 grubstake into $148,000!

Believe it or not, that would be nothing for Jared...

As you’ll see, Jared started trading when he was just 16. By the time he was 18, he was already making $600,000 a year. Today, he owns a plane and several classic cars.

But don’t think you have to already be wealthy to join the party.

One person, a farmer in Iowa, had lost $33,800 from his IRA account. So he decided to give up on the stock market. Within three months of using Jared’s options strategy, he not only recouped his losses, but made $45,000.

Jared told a man named Steve P. from Buffalo, NY, about his options technique. He ended up making more than $90,000 in one year alone. The next year, he made over $30,000.

And Jeff R. from Tyler, TX, says he made over $50,000.

Hi, my name is Frank Bermea. I’m the Publisher of Profitable Trading, a multimillion-dollar investment research firm.

If you’d like the chance to trade options like a true world-class expert and accelerate your returns like never before, keep reading.

Jared developed a unique two-part options method... an approach we simply call "The Levy Technique." He’s been perfecting it for nearly two decades – and for years, he kept it close to the vest.

But today, for reasons he'll explain in a minute, he’s finally sharing it with a small group of traders... and has even prepared a short training video to make it extremely easy for you.

Over the next few minutes, we’ll show you exactly what kinds of options Jared trades...

The unique way he trades them...

And how you could start trading them this week – even this very day – to potentially pocket 50% returns in as little as four days from now.

The First Big Advantage of Jared’s Options Strategy: Market Crash Protection

To start, perhaps the most important thing to understand about Jared’s technique is this: You can use it to potentially make a fortune from both bull and bear markets.

In fact, it’s even possible to profit from full-blown market crashes.

Jared used it to make money during the dot-com bubble and subsequent crash, one of the sharpest collapses in history.

I mention this because, as you know, we’ve been in a raging bull market for over five years now.

Historically speaking, markets don’t go up for more than five years... or higher than 180%. Yet, our recent run up has gone up longer, and higher, than that.

Will it continue? Will it come crashing down? These questions are keeping people up at night – but not Jared.

He actually sees a pullback on the horizon... but he’s not worried.

Come what may, he knows his options technique gives him the best chance to make double- and triple-digit gains.

Now, I’m not saying it’s impossible to lose money using it. But his technique makes it much easier to profit from a downturn – not to mention when an individual stock is falling.

Take Jared’s trade on Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI).

For most investors, Darden was a total stay-away. It had missed earnings three of the previous four quarters, and shares had been in a decline for years.

And true to form, from June 9 to June 20, Darden fell about 7%. But thanks to Jared’s options strategy, he and anyone who followed his advice made 35%.

Same thing happened with Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI).

In October, the company was struggling with declining product sales and revenue, and its most recent earnings report was a disaster.

Once again, instead of avoiding the shares or short selling, Jared used his options strategy and nailed a quick 20% gain in just four days.

I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to make 20% in four days investing the usual way. You’d almost have to know when a stock was about to be bought out... or have some other insider information.

But for Jared, those kinds of returns are common.

His trading record over the past three years is unbelievable. He had all 190 of his trades audited by a large financial research firm.

According to this audit, his average trade generated an annualized 123% return over this period.

He made:

  • 89% in 2012...
  • 144% in 2013...
  • 211% in 2014.
  • An Investment Prodigy

    You see, when I say Jared is a prodigy, I mean exactly that.

    His first taste of the market was when he was just 12 years old. His uncle had a friend who worked on the floor at the New York Stock Exchange. So they went to visit him one day, and Jared was intrigued.

    He started studying anything he could about the markets. By the time he was 16, he’d developed his own system.

    He actually wrote his own computer program. He would trade part time after school using his mother’s brokerage account, since he was a minor.

    He made $600,000 by the time he was 18 by trading options.

    He made so much money that he bought a nice, used BMW 7 Series with the profits from a couple trades.

    By the time he was 19, a member of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange took notice of him and brought him on board.

    Then, two years later, a large Wall Street firm found out about him, and he went to trade for them.

    He was the largest-volume trader for the Nasdaq 100 as well as Dell and Cisco. His trades were often in the millions, sometimes tens of millions, of dollars in stock risk per trade.

    He made enough money that he bought a house for his mother, which she still lives in today.

    But eventually, Jared gave up the Wall Street life. It’s actually a very moving story involving 9/11, which I’ll share with you in a moment.

    But even after leaving Wall Street, he’s continued to use the two-part options technique he picked up there. And he’s been raking in a six-figure annual income ever since.

    Bottom line: Compared to the usual trading method, Jared’s technique is a "no-brainer."

    It can help you make money in both bull and bear markets...

    It can give you triple-digit gains from tiny share price movements...

    And when it delivers gains, it always captures bigger gains over a shorter period of time than investing the normal way.

    So how does Jared’s strategy work?

    It’s based around trading what are known as "calls" and "puts."

    Specifically, the first step of Jared’s strategy is buying calls and puts. (And as you’ll see, the second step is what allows him to find the right trades.)

    Now, we’ve found that most people – even those who’ve traded them before – don’t fully understand how easy puts and calls are to use... and how buying them can help you make more money with less risk.

    So to make it easy, we had Jared help us put together a short training video. In just six minutes, we explain exactly how they work, and how just about any investor can start using them today.

    Take a look...

    How Calls and Puts Can Amplify Your Gains and Lower Your Risk

    Let’s say Apple is trading at $100 per share. But according to your analysis, Apple’s share price is about to soar to $120 per share over the next two months – a 20% increase.

    You’re convinced your analysis is correct, so you weigh your options...

    You could, of course, invest the regular way by buying shares of Apple’s stock. If you’re right, you’ll make 20% in a couple of months.

    But instead, you’ve heard you could make several times more money buying calls. So you decide to give it a try.

    Here’s how it would work...

    Instead of buying regular shares of Apple for $100 per share, you would click to a different page on your brokerage account and buy a call option for just $10 per share.

    Since you have to buy options in batches of 100, this would cost you $1,000.

    Pretty straightforward so far. You simply buy an option contract of Apple instead of the Apple shares.

    From here, you simply watch what happens to Apple’s share price...

    Let’s say that after two months, Apple’s share price hits $120. Your analysis was spot on! It rose 20%, just as you suspected. That means you get a 20% gain... right? Wrong.

    Since you bought an option, your gain is amplified.

    The way it works is, for every 1% increase in the price of the stock, the price of the option increases by more than 1%. Typically, about five to 10 times more.

    That’s just how options are designed.

    So if Apple’s share price increases by 20%, Apple’s call option price may increase by 100%... or even 200%, or more.

    For our hypothetical example, let’s be conservative and say that the options move five times as much.

    So a 20% rise in Apple’s share price would cause the option to increase 100% – from $10 per contract to $20.

    That means your options contract is now worth $2,000 (remember, you bought a batch of 100).

    After you subtract the $1,000 you paid up front, you’re left with a $1,000 profit.

    By contrast, if you’d simply invested $1,000 the regular way, you would have only made 20%, or $200.

    That’s the power of options. They amplify stock movements, giving you the chance to make much bigger gains.

    Let me show you a real-life example...

    How to Get a 100% Return in 3 Months – Without the Usual Risk

    On Aug. 26, Jared told his readers to buy calls on Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV).

    The company had a lot going for it. It was breaking out to new highs... increasing passenger traffic... and successfully hedging fuel costs.

    The share price was at $32, but Jared thought it could reach $35 in a few months.

    Of course, Jared could have simply invested at $32... hoped shares hit $35... and looked forward to a 9% gain.

    But instead, he recommended buying call options for $3.70 per share, or $370.

    What happened?

    Over the next few months, Southwest climbed steadily. Less than a month later, the share price hit $35 – a 9% gain.

    But Jared was able to make a lot more.

    That’s because the price of his options contract had risen from $3.70 per share ($370 per contract) to $6 per share ($600 per contract).

    So Jared sold his options for $600. After subtracting out the $370 he paid up front, he was left with $230 – a 62% gain on his original $370 purchase.

    By contrast, if he’d invested $370 the regular way, he would have made just $35.

    The same thing happened with Tyson Foods (NYSE: TSN).

    Tyson is one of the world’s largest meat processors and the second largest food production company in the Fortune 500. It provides 21% of all chicken produced in the United States.

    Shares were trading at $38, but by Jared’s calculations, the share price could reach the low $40s by January.

    Instead of trading the usual way, he of course recommended investors use options.

    Specifically, he advised buying $380-worth with the goal of selling when they hit $600 a few months later as the stock price moved higher.

    As it turned out, it didn’t take nearly that long.

    Within a week, Tyson Foods was on the rise, hitting $42.50. And as a result, the accompanying option price reached $6 per share.

    Jared sold them for $600, and after subtracting the original $380 payment, investors were left with $220 – a 58% gain in just six days.

    Are you starting to see why Jared thinks buying calls is better than simply being long stocks? You can take advantage of the same high-quality investments... only get bigger gains in a shorter period of time.

    What’s more, the gains are fully scalable. As I’ll show you in a minute, you could have made much more in dollar terms on each of these trades. $230 could have been $2,300... and $220 could have been $2,200.

    And the great thing is, you can do the same thing when a stock falls. Instead of buying a call, you buy a put.

    The trade works the same, only reversed. The option price goes up as the share price drops.

    That’s what happened with Mattel (NYSE: MAT), maker of Barbie, GI Joe and other toys.

    With the rise of cell phone games, toymakers like Mattel are getting edged out. Indeed, when Jared spotted the company, it was going through one bad quarter after another.

    But instead of just avoiding the company – or shorting it – Jared used options.

    In Mattel’s case, it was trading at $40. Jared bought puts for $2.95 per share ($295 total), hoping Mattel’s share price would drop to $35. If so, this drop would cause the options price to soar 70%.

    Sure enough, within two months, Mattel had dropped. Traders pocketed that 70% gain, just as Jared expected.

    That in a nutshell, is how buying calls and puts works.

    You buy an options contract that follows the price of a stock, but moves faster.

    And as a result, you’re able to pocket double- and triple-digit gains from small price movements – whether stocks go up or down.

    A true win-win.

    A Winning Record for 3 Years Running

    I hope our instructional video gave you a better understanding of the first step behind Jared’s strategy.

    A call option simply gives you a chance to make bigger gains. Instead of buying a stock outright, you buy an option that tracks the stock’s share price. As the share price rises and falls, the options price will follow it, only more dramatically.

    One thing I should point out, too, is that you can make even more than what you saw in the training video. The results are fully scalable.

    Instead of buying just one option contract worth 100 shares, you could buy option contracts of 200, 300, even 1,000 shares.

    If buying one contract paid out $500, two would pay $1,000. Three would pay $1,500, and so forth.

    Options Contract Payouts
    1 $500

    To make these larger amounts, you wouldn’t have to risk anything close to what you would have to investing the regular way.

    With Jared’s Level 3 Communications trade, for example, the share price moved 5%. So to make $5,000 would have required a $100,000 investment in the company.

    But since the option contract returned 100%, you could have made $5,000 with just $5,000 in options contracts.

    What’s more, the most you could have lost on that trade is $5,000. That’s one of the beauties of trading options. The most you can lose is the amount of your options purchase.

    So if your option only cost you $500, that’s your maximum loss.

    But on top of that, Jared also uses stop-losses. So even when a trade doesn’t work out, he rarely loses the whole amount.

    Ultimately, the amount of options you choose to buy is completely up to you. You may want to start small, then work your way up as you get more comfortable.

    But either way, just remember that the returns can be astronomical.

    Over the past year, Jared’s been sharing his trades through our website and delivered gains of:

  • 20% in four days...
  • 40% in three weeks...
  • 61% in three weeks...
  • 100% in eight weeks...
  • 129% in two months...,
  • And over the past three years, his average trade generated an annualized 123% over this period.

    If you started with $10,000... generated just 50% annually... and let those gains compound...

    After three years, you’d be sitting on $33,000. And in just five years, you’d have a whopping $75,000.

    I can’t promise you’ll have the same results. But judging by Jared’s track record, it’s entirely possible that you could land a double- or triple-digit winner as early as this week – with a fraction of the usual risk.

    That leads me to the second part of Jared’s options technique. It’s the secret that’s helped him spot so many big winners...

    The Second Part of Jared’s Options Technique

    He calls it his "Earnings Algorithm."

    You see, after spending years on Wall Street, Jared knows the ins and outs of earnings estimates. So he’s able to extract more from them than anyone else I’ve ever met.

    Before buying a call or put, he examines four data points: analyst actions, stock chart patterns, option volatility and trading volume.

    By combining this data, he’s able to predict whether the stock is likely to go up or down in the near future.

    For example, this happened with CVS (NYSE: CVS) last October. Take a look at what Jared said at the time...

    "CVS is firing on all cylinders. The company has beat analyst estimates in three of the past four quarters, and its next report is scheduled for Nov. 4. My proprietary earnings algorithm, which examines stock chart patterns, option volatility and volume combined with analyst actions ahead of earnings, shows another beat is likely." (emphasis added)

    – "No. 2 U.S. Pharmacy is My No. 1 Pick Based on the Charts," Oct. 13, 2014

    Sure enough, just as Jared predicted, the share price moved higher. Investors locked in a 57% gain in just over two weeks.

    His earnings algorithm was the key to his Tyson Foods (NYSE: TSN) trade as well. At the time, Jared wrote...

    "My proprietary earnings algorithm, which examines stock chart patterns, option volatility, volume and analyst actions, predicts the company will report in-line revenues of $10.15 billion, and beat EPS estimates of $0.76. Further, I expect management to issue positive guidance based on favorable commodity price trends."

    – "This Food Stock Could Bring Traders 58% Profits Over the Holidays," Nov. 11, 2014

    Jared’s Tyson trade went on to deliver a 57% return in just six days.

    This secret algorithm has been the key to Jared’s success for years and years. He’s been perfecting it ever since he started trading as a teenager. He’s spent countless hours refining it... making it as accurate as possible.

    It’s how he’s been able to turn:

  • An 18% move in Apple into a 123% gain in five weeks. (10/13/14 – 11/24/14)
  • A 6% rise in Netflix into a 32% gain in one week. (10/17/14 – 10/23/14)
  • A 4% dip in Amazon into a 52% spike in five weeks (8/22/14 – 10/2/14)
  • And many more...
  • Now, the specifics behind how Jared combines all the data points in his algorithm are a closely guarded secret. He won’t reveal that to anybody.

    But that’s actually a very good thing. If he did, everyone would start using his secret algorithm, and it would lose its effectiveness.

    What’s important for you are the results his algorithm delivers. And Jared’s more than willing to share that information with you, starting immediately.

    In fact, in the next few days, Jared will be revealing his latest trade.

    He’ll be sending out a private email with all the details. The name of the stock... the specific option contract to buy... the annualized gain projection... everything.

    If you’re interested, I’d like to help you take advantage of this opportunity, too.

    You’ll have the chance to amplify the returns by five to 10 times. And if history is any guide, you could walk away with annualized gains over 20%, like Jared and his readers have done more than 30 times in just the past year.

    Nothing gives Jared more satisfaction than helping people make money with his strategy...

    Why Jared Is Sharing His Trading Strategy

    See, most people, if they found a way to beat the stock market, they wouldn’t let anyone in on it.

    Yet, Jared is sharing his best trades... telling people exactly what they should buy, and when to sell... so they can get the exact same results he’s been getting.

    The reason behind this is very personal to Jared. In fact, I’ll let him tell you himself:

    At the time, I was working as a trader in New York right next to the World Trade Center.

    I was commuting because I used to spend my weekends at home in Philly and stay at my New York condo during the work week.

    Normally, I would take the train in. In fact, I would have come in through the World Trade Center on the PATH train around the time the first plane hit.

    But on that day, I didn’t take the train in, and it wasn’t even for a good reason.

    At the time, I was young, single, living the high life my trading career allowed me to. Let’s just say I wasn’t being all that responsible.

    The day before, the 10th, was my birthday. So I had gone out that night and stayed up late... and ended up sleeping in the following morning. As a result, I didn’t make it to work the next day.

    It was literally by a stroke of luck that I’m alive today.

    That event was a terrible time for me. It was devastating. By far, the worst time of my life.

    I lost a lot of my friends that day. They had kids... they came to work that day to support their families, and they never made it back home.

    Yet, here I was. I survived only because I was young and irresponsible. That’s not how I was raised. My parents raised me with traditional values... to be responsible, kind and considerate of others.

    I realized I needed to make a change in my life.

    That’s when I decided I wanted to give back.

    I moved away within a year or so, left the Wall Street scene completely. I started showing other people how to make money in the stock market... and ended up training and coaching retail investors for the next seven to eight years. I traveled the world, giving lectures to groups of all sizes and even teaching as a guest at the University of North Texas.

    I know it sounds hokey. But I get real satisfaction out of helping other people make money. I now genuinely care about people and helping them out.

    It sounds crazy, but I’m not money motivated. I used to care about making money for myself... but it’s not my purpose any more.

    I love trading. And I know I’ll always be able to make as much as I need.

    I live well. I do whatever I want... the things I really enjoy. I love flying my plane... restoring and collecting sports cars and motorcycles.

    But all of this is meaningless unless I have a greater purpose.

    So that’s why I’m interested in helping people. I want to give back and feel that I’ve done something good at the end of the day. That I’ve shown someone how to stop struggling financially... and live without all that financial stress.

    From the studies I’ve seen, roughly 80% of investors don’t do well in the stock market. And over the years, I’ve seen many people struggle. They shouldn’t have to. Especially when I know how to help them.

    Because of his personal experience, Jared began sharing his findings with the investment community. He’s now helping others trade options, and he’s made it as low risk and easy as possible for them to follow his recommendations.

    Now’s Your Chance to Trade Alongside Jared – Jared Levy’s Options 101

    In fact, if you’d like to begin taking advantage of Jared’s trades, now’s a great time to get started. That’s because we’ve worked out a deal with him.

    You see, here at Profitable Trading, our mission is to find top investment experts and connect them with regular investors across the globe.

    We’ve become one of the fastest-growing trading publications in America. We have readers in all 50 states and dozens of countries across the globe. And they’re seeing their bank accounts grow and grow...

    First Sergeant Rory D. says he’s made "over $10,000" by following our ideas.

    Andrew T. of Annapolis, MD, said he made over $50,000 in a year.

    And Michael M. from California says, "I am making about $2,000 per month with your suggestions."

    And that’s what led us to Jared. He’s truly one of a kind. A nationally-renowned, licensed, former Wall Street prodigy with two decades of experience... and millions of dollars in gains.

    So when we got an opportunity to have him share his work with our readers, we jumped at the chance.

    He’s agreed to partner with us and send out a private email every week to interested investors. Each of these emails reveals all the details on his latest trade, including exactly how much money you could make in the following days, weeks and months.

    As we speak, he’s preparing this next email, and will send it out in the next few days. If you’d like to add your name to the list, there’s still time to get in on the next trade.

    Also, he’s prepared a special report to help you. Since many people who will want to take advantage of Jared’s advice will have no prior experience, he’s put together a guide called "Jared Levy’s Options 101."

    This report details exactly how the options market works and how he uses it to generate money consistently.

    In it, Jared shows you in plain English exactly how options work and how they can:

  • Protect you from losing money on your stocks when share prices drop...
  • Generate extra income from your stock holdings...
  • Help you buy stocks below the market price...
  • And much, much more.
  • If you have never used options and have no idea where to start, you’ll find everything you need to know in this report.

    Even if you’re not new to options, Jared covers the deeper nuances of:

  • How options are priced...
  • How to recognize which options amplify your gains the most...
  • How to calculate the risk of any particular option...
  • And much more...
  • Once again, it’s all explained in basic terms so you can get the full benefit of Jared’s insights.

    Over the years, Jared has helped hundreds of first-timers use options successfully.

    Like Frank T., a transportation supervisor. His investment experience was limited to reading the statements from his pension fund.

    But after listening to Jared’s easy-to-follow information, Frank says, "You have helped me learn by explaining the process so well. I’m now able to buy and sell with confidence."

    To receive a free copy of "Jared Levy’s Options 101" and be added to Jared’s private email list... all you have to do is sign up for Jared’s new research service, Profit Amplifier.

    How to Amplify Your Profits by 5 to 10 Times

    As you can probably tell, Profit Amplifier is NOT your typical investment letter.

    Jared doesn’t buy and sell stock... day trade... or settle for 5% annual returns.

    In each issue, he uses his proprietary earnings algorithm to show you how to amplify your gains five to 10 times by buying stock options.

    You’ve seen how potent this approach can be. It’s the exact strategy Jared used to turn a bad quarter from Mattel into a 70% gain... and a slight rise in the dollar into a 71% windfall.

    Every week, Jared will send you an email detailing his top opportunity. It may be an energy firm... a blue-chip company... an index fund... or anything in between.

    For instance, he just sent one an email detailing a trade on Valero Energy (NYSE: VLO). Within two weeks, it delivered a 90.5% return.

    Two weeks before that, he told his readers to buy puts on Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (NASDAQ: GMCR). This trade delivered 33.9% returns in 56 days.

    Most recently, he just closed out a quick 40% gain on Yelp (NYSE: YELP) in about a month.

    Whatever the security, he’ll show you how an upcoming 5% or 10% stock move could make you 80%, 100%, or more... in a matter of weeks.

    Jared will make specific recommendations and walk you through each trade, step by step, showing you exactly what to do, giving you the opportunity to profit just like he has.

    What’s more, actually executing the trades is a piece of cake. It’s just a matter of making a few clicks on your brokerage account.

    It takes most people less than five minutes, and that includes folks who are just getting started.

    We asked our readers how easy it was to get started using options. They said:

    "This is my first time trading options. Very easy and I love it."

    "Extremely easy"

    "The process is very easy to follow."

    "Very easy – The explanations have been great."

    Even still, just to make sure you’re 100% comfortable, we’ve also prepared another special report called "Profitable Trading’s Brokerage Guide."

    In this report, we outline the various online brokers that provide options trading services, what you need to create your account, contact info and other important information needed to get started.

    Almost all brokerage houses allow options trading. So the odds are high that you’ll be able to use your existing brokerage.

    The Black Book of Trading Secrets...

    Not only that, but I’ve arranged with Jared to share the full details of his trading checklist. That way you can see exactly how it works, and how you can use it yourself... and better estimate the risk/reward trade-off for each trading opportunity.

    He’s put everything into a report called "Jared’s Black Book of Trading Secrets."

    In it, Jared reveals the process he goes through to find trades.

    He shows you exactly how he analyzes and rates the most important factors that can affect the outcome of any trade.

    This checklist has helped Jared make money consistently for nearly two decades, no matter what the markets were doing.

    You won’t find this information anywhere else, at any price. This is the first time he is revealing this vital part of his long-term success. And you can have it free when you sign up to follow Jared’s advice today.

    So, how much does Jared’s trading service cost?

    How Much Does Jared’s Trading Service Cost?

    Over the years, Jared has charged $2,000 per year and more for his trade recommendations.

    Considering that you can potentially make this amount in the very first trade, I believe it’s a fair price.

    But my purpose for seeking out Jared wasn’t to make money at the expense of anyone using his service. Instead, our purpose is to help ordinary investors who really need his information.

    Because of this, I’ve arranged to bring you Jared’s valuable research at a fraction of what he’s charged in the past.

    So, instead of charging $2,000 per year, you can get his trade recommendations for just $999 per year.

    I believe this is by far the best deal you will ever find for the wealth of opportunities Jared will bring you...

    One reader who tried Jared’s advice – Baltimore native, Brian S. – made 110% in two weeks.

    And another said, "I signed up last Wednesday and have already made great money."

    And now you too can join people like this.

    But I understand that if you’ve never done this before, making these kinds of gains may not seem real to you.

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