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Dear Trader,

In the past year, our recommendations on individual stocks like Himax Technologies, B/E Aerospace and Micron Technology have gained +72%, +26%and +60% all in less than six months...

... and recently, our RFIL and RAD trades could have made you +26% in 42 days and +42% in less than one month.

There's a reason why our research is regularly republished on sites like Yahoo! Finance, Nasdaq and Forbes.

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Ticker Company Return
HMIX Mimax Technologies +72% in less than 6 mos.
BEAV B/E Aerospace +26% in less than 6 mos.
MU Micron Technology +60% in less than 5 mos.
RFIL RF Industries +26% in 42 days!
RAD Rite Aid +42% in less than a month!

What's important isn't what we've done for other people in the past -- it's what we can do for YOU today.

The annualized gain on Rite Aid is 20,420% in case you were wondering. (These returns are NOT normal. Details below**)

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Amber Hestla
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