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Special Report for Income Investors:

Former Military Intelligence Analyst Uncovers "Glitch" in the Financial Markets

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Income Trader

Special Report for Income Investors:

Former Military Intelligence Analyst Uncovers Instant Income Glitch in the Financial Markets

This often-overlooked "glitch" reveals a way for everyday investors to...
  • ...Capture Instant Income of $2,700 or more -- without owning a stock...
  • ...Buy the best stocks on the market -- at a 10-50% discount...
  • ...Generate annual income yields of up to 111.1% -- without waiting around for dividends...
...all with less risk than you ever thought possible.


Dear Reader,

My name is Amber Hestla. I'm a former Military Intelligence Analyst in the United States Army. I served in Iraq, and I've seen things... heard things... experienced things... that I'm forbidden to share with anyone.

And that's fine; I'm not here to tell you about my war stories. It's my unique intelligence training that matters... it led me to an incredible market "glitch" that allows everyday investors generate income on demand.

You might have seen my recent research on this Instant Income Strategy. If you haven't, don't worry, I'm going to show you how to use this strategy to collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars in income, right away.

The strategy works thanks to a "glitch" in the financial markets. This often overlooked market phenomenon allows me to collect Instant Income from some of the best companies in the world. In the next few minutes, I'll explain how this "glitch" could provide you with a low-risk strategy to help generate additional income for your retirement.

This "glitch" exists in the options market, and it allows me and individual investors to collect steady income.

"But", you think to yourself, "options seem so risky!"

Fortunately, the truth about options doesn't line up with the reputation... especially if you're exploiting this options market "glitch."

Just listen to what a few readers recently told us about its income potential...

"Presently I receive from low hundreds to sometimes more than $1,000.00 in income. This supplements my retirement income. Mostly the [income from options] is for living expenses and it keeps my retirement income pretty safe."

-- Sal P., Upstate NY

And another told me...

"I'm already up over 60% on average from my trades since early December. I can't think of an easier way to generate income than this, and all without touching a single share of stock."

-- George L., Austin, TX

Consider too that as I was putting this report together, a colleague forwarded me an article from The Wall Street Journal's sister publication, Barron's.

The article stated...

"In a world of low economic growth, with many investors wary of assuming too much risk, 2013 should be a milestone for... the options market..."

And Bloomberg/Businessweek says options...

"...can generate extra income on your portfolio" and that options "may be one of the few ways investors can really enhance their returns."

Even The Wall Street Journal reports

"Options generate income and can juice returns in any market."

Consider what MarketWatch has to say about options:

"By themselves, options are not dangerous. The danger is in the speculative strategies that some people use. Fortunately, the best antidote to risky option strategies is knowledge."

Makes sense because a press release from TD Ameritrade revealed nearly three-quarters of all American investors...

"...remain unaware of the potential benefits options offer..."

And that is why I'm speaking with you today...

In short, I want to show you how, once and for all, you really can use options to "juice returns" in your portfolio -- even if you don't know a thing about options... and even if the word "options" sends chills up and down your spine.

Best of all, you'll see how you can use this often overlooked market "glitch" to create Instant Income while generating annualized returns of up to 111.1% per year to help fund your retirement.

But before I show you how my background as a former Military Intelligence Analyst and my Instant Income Strategy could make investing in options much less intimidating for you, let me show you an example of how one man used options to generate...

$7.5 Million From The Options Market... Without Buying or Selling a Single Share

You may not realize it, but one of the world's most conservative investors, Warren Buffett, uses options too.

The King of Buy and Hold first bought shares of Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) in 1988. At the time, Buffett said he expected to hang on to this "outstanding business" for "a long time."

However, the world's greatest investor is also a bargain hunter. If Buffett likes a company, but believes its share price is too high, he'll wait until the market "cooperates" by correcting lower before he'll buy more shares.

But the stock wasn't correcting, so Buffett decided to use the power of options.

By April 1993, Buffett's beloved Coca-Cola was trading at about $39 a share (before two splits) -- a price he regarded as too expensive to buy more shares at the time. But did the self-made billionaire let his cash sit idle while waiting for a downturn? Not a chance.

Buffett employed an options strategy that in this case earned him income of $7.5 million -- all without buying or selling a single share of stock.

And it's not just billionaire gurus using options to generate income. Everyday investors use options too.

I recently sent out a survey to some of our readers asking them: How much income are you currently earning from selling options? And what sort of expenses do you use your options income for?

The responses came back almost instantly...

"I earned an average $1,300 a month last year trading options. I boost my retirement income with the income."

- James T., Pine, AZ

"About $30,000/ yr. Bought a Porsche"

- Carter B., Clemmons, NC

"I'm generating about $1,000 a month for Investment growth for retirement in ten years."

- Susan W., Santa Cruz, CA

"About $3000 in 2012... discretionary income."

- Rob, Morris, IL

Despite successes like these, less than 1 in 4 investors take advantage ofthe benefits optionsoffer to generate income and decrease risk in their portfolio.

To make matters worse, the average investor never beats the S&P 500 over the long haul.

Consider this chart:

The average investor not only failed to outperform the S&P 500... they didn't even keep pace with inflation over the past 20 years. That means their real returns were actually negative over this time period.

That's why I believe it's so important for you to consider options -- and specifically my Instant Income Strategy -- to generate income for your retirement.

I love options and what they can do for you, and I believe you'll find the next few minutes of this presentation to be time well spent.

In fact, you'll begin to see how this Instant Income can pay for expenses like groceries, gas, travel and those important things you've put off for far too long. Things you've put off because you didn't have a way to consistently and confidently generate the income you want and need.

Fortunately, with the "glitch" I've uncovered, and a little patience, your income problems could become a thing of the past...

Military Grade Intelligence The Navy Seals and Special Forces Bet their Lives On -- Now Available to You

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Amber Hestla, and I'm a former Military Intelligence Analyst (MOS Classification 35F).

As a woman, I've found it difficult at times for some people in the financial world to trust my judgment. After all, like the military, it is a male-dominated world.

The crazy thing I've discovered is that being a woman has actually made me a better options trader.

It certainly helped me as an intelligence analyst because, as Michael Scheuer, the guy behind the unit that took down Osama bin Laden, told CNN:

"(Female analysts) seem to have an exceptional knack for detail, for seeing patterns and understanding relationships, and they also, quite frankly, spend a great deal less time telling war stories, chatting and going outside for cigarettes than the boys. If I could have put up a sign saying, 'No boys need apply,' I would've done it."

I wasn't on the team that got bin Laden, but I went through much of the same training and was chosen to serve a tour in Iraq because of my analytical skills -- skills I now use as an options trader.

My skills as an analyst were put to the test in real life and death situations while I was deployed in Iraq.

Originally, I was going to share a "day in the life" of a Military Intelligence Analyst with you. Unfortunately, I've been forbidden to talk about even the mundane daily activities that took place in Iraq.

The reason of course is that lives are still on the line.

So while I can't talk about my time deployed behind enemy lines and in the operations center in Iraq, I can tell you how my training turned into a valuable skill for trading options.

Before I deployed, I was working in the National Guard and was assigned to do intelligence work outside of the Army.

It was during a course in Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure that I met a former Air Force Colonel named Michael Carr. It turned out that Michael was an accomplished trader and investor.
He's even written a book on investing that is listed on Amazon for more than $474! Here's a screenshot:

Michael also managed several hundred million dollars in assets for clients, so he knows a thing or two about investing.
And during a discussion, he mentioned that I could utilize my analytical skills in an environment that didn't involve tear gas, pepper spray or the wrong end of the bad guy's weapon.

As a guy who spent a career knowing how to assess people and their skills, he recognized that I had an ability to analyze and present data in a unique way.

That's when I started studying trading and options with Michael's guidance.

Fast forward several years, and now I'm an independent trader applying my intelligence skills honed on military deployments and undercover operations to the options markets.

While deployed overseas with the military, I learned the importance of analyzing data to forecast what was likely to happen in the future. This skill translates amazingly well to the world of options and stock charts.

Fortunately, risk management is no longer a matter of life and death, but I do believe it's the most important factor in long-term trading success.

And although I've been making my living in the markets, I continue to study the markets and trading daily.

For instance, over the last few years, I've had the privilege of conducting dozens of interviews with experienced traders that have been published in the Market Technicians Association newsletter.

My writing has also been featured in trading magazines such as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Stocks, Futures and Options and Shares, a weekly trading magazine published in the United Kingdom.

When Profitable Trading, a division of a multi-million dollar financial research firm located in Austin, Texas, learned about my experience and my Instant Income Strategy, they immediately brought me on board to teach their readers about trading and options.

With more than one million daily readers, this financial juggernaut could have chosen anyone... But they chose me, and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

But here's the thing, I don't tell you about my background to impress you, but to let you know that I understand what it means to have people depending on me and my work.

That's why every time I sit down at my computer and begin to gather and look through the data, my risk aversion training kicks into high gear.

I, probably more than anyone you will ever meet, know the cost of risk. It's been drilled into me by my training. I understand risk/reward on a scale I hope you never have to see first-hand.

Anyway, enough about me; let me tell you about the "glitch" and how to exploit it.

In fact, once I "got" what I'm about to share with you, I was immediately able to supplement my military income by 10% -- while in the middle of a war zone with very limited time and enormous stress.

Once I left the military, I not only replaced my income, I exceeded it by 30%. And both my income and net-worth continue to grow to this day, thanks to this often-overlooked "glitch" in the options markets and my ability to spot patterns others miss.

The "Glitch": The Secret to Steady Income with Options

Most options traders lose money for one simple reason -- they're on the wrong side of the trade.

According to the data I researched, more than 80% of put options expire worthless.

That may sound like a bad thing, but we'll be selling options, not buying them. You see, when we sell an option, we get money deposited in our brokerage accounts. It's called a premium, but I like to call it Instant Income. We get paid upfront for options that more than likely will expire worthless in a few months -- allowing us to keep 100% of our instant income.

In return, we set aside a little money (a "down payment" or "margin") in our own brokerage account. This "down payment" goes towards buying shares, but only if the option is exercised.

You might be asking yourself, "Who would take the other side of this bet?" After all, someone is paying for options that usually expire worthless.

The answer is simple; there are a lot of investors that make poor financial bets or just don't know enough about options.

According to a study titled Sellers vs. Buyers: Who Wins? A study of CME Options Expiration Patterns by John F. Summa, Ph.D.,

Option traders rarely take into account a little known underlying fact of life about the nature of...[options]... most options expire out of the money, which means buyers lose on these trades.

Given this option market reality, therefore, it would behoove serious option traders to consider developing a net option selling (writing) approach to trading in order to take advantage of this tendency."

The takeaway is clear: A lot of investors lose money buying options, and that means a lot of money can be made by selling options. It's this "glitch" in the options market that we can exploit to generate steady income...

How to Exploit The "Glitch"

We can exploit the fact that over 80% of options expire worthless, leaving us to collect income as often as we want using two strategies.

Both strategies generate income and are among the safest of all options strategies, in my opinion.

The first is selling "calls" or "covered calls."

The other is selling "puts."

In this report, I'll show you how to generate Instant Income selling puts. It's the strategy I've used the most in recent months due to market conditions. And as you'll see in the trades below, it was the right choice...

With each of the trades, you can scale up as much as you want. For these examples, we'll be showing results based on one "contract". A contract simply means you control 100 shares of the underlying stock.

As you'll see, if you buy two contracts you'll get double the income. Three contracts and you triple your Instant Income.

When we sell puts, the put buyer pays us for the right, but not the obligation, to sell us shares at a pre-determined price, known as the strike price.

The trade does not last forever; it ends on a specific date, known as the expiration date.

Remember, our goal is to collect income by selling options, not to buy shares.

If shares are trading above the strike price, it's not in the put buyer's best interest to sell us shares. In this scenario, the option would expire worthless; we keep the Instant Income (or premium) and never buy a share.

And thanks to the options market "glitch," that happens more often than not.

Once in a while, however, we might have to buy shares. That's not a bad thing -- I only sell puts on solid companies I'd want to own at the right price.

In other words, one of two things can happen when we sell a put:

  1. We receive Instant Income and keep it as pure profit -- without ever having to buy a stock. This happens if shares trade above the strike price on the expiration date. This is where the options market "glitch" gives us the edge.
  2. We get the opportunity to buy shares of a company we want to own anyway -- just at a lower price than the market offered when we sold the put. A price which we'll know up front before the trade is made.

Selling puts is one of the smartest, highest-percentage trades you can make in the market. You're betting that a great company won't fall to fire-sale prices in a short period of time.

And even though this strategy is safe when executed correctly, I'll be adding additional risk-management strategies at the portfolio level and to each individual position.

Bottom Line: We will be pursuing high income in a low-income world, but we'll refuse to accept high risk. You'll know all the potential risks and rewards before each trade.

As you'll see, this strategy has paid off...

Instant Income Strategy Produces 84.6% Win Rate During Initial Beta Phase

When I was approached by Profitable Trading, they wanted proof that my strategy worked.

We decided to test my results in real-time as they looked over my shoulder.

The results from July 31st, 2012 to January 28th, 2013 were even better than expected.

Out of 13 closed trades, 11 were winners. That's an 84.6% win rate. Of course, there's no guarantee we'll be able to maintain an 80%+ win rate, however, by being a seller of options and by choosing the right strategy at the right time, I believe we'll be right far more often than not.

Basically, I look for a combination of three things in each trade I recommend:

  1. Outsized Instant Income -- We've seen income as high as $2,700 on a single trade.
  2. Lower-risk trade setups -- The most important parts of this strategy are preserving capital and generating income. That's why I only pull the trigger on lower-risk trade setups.
  3. A return of 1-2% per month -- That might not sound like much, but even if we hit the low end of our target, we could potentially grow an initial $25,000 investment into $104,765 in 12 years as this chart shows:

There are a few other criteria I employ which you'll learn all about in my FREE REPORT: How to Generate Instant Income Selling Puts.

I'll tell you exactly how you can get your hands on this free report in just a moment.

First, I want to show you a few trades that have already made us some sizable gains in the past few months.

July 31, 2012 -- MasterCard (NYSE: MA) Buy MasterCard at a 30% Discount... or Pocket a 111.1% Annualized Return

In July of last year I spotted a too-good-to pass-up opportunity hiding in MasterCard's options table.

Not only was the potential income nearly three times higher than our target yield of 1-2%, it's one of the most stable and solid companies on the planet.

At that time, the company had just reported that worldwide purchase volume was up 17% in the most recent quarter compared with the same three-month period in 2011. As of March 31, 2012, the company had issued 1.8 billion credit and debit cards, and those cards were being used an average of 2.6 billion times a month to spend over $283 billion.

Consumer spending in the United States has steadily grown. This chart shows that growth has averaged 2.8% a year over the past 17 years, with just 2 negative years during that time.

More importantly, MasterCard is one of the best ways to profit from increasing global spending.

In the past six years, the stock is up almost 800%, currently trading above $440. Rather than buying MA shares outright, I decided to sell puts on the stock to generate Instant Income.

As we've shown, this is a great strategy to use with high-quality companies you wouldn't mind owning anyway. When you sell a put, you collect Instant Income upfront, and if the stock declines below the option's strike price, you can purchase it at a discount to the current price.

If the stock does not fall that far or continues to move higher, then you simply keep the Instant Income. You are essentially getting paid to do nothing while you wait for another chance to buy a great stock at a bargain price.

Here's the summary of how it went down...

Strategy: Sell put option on MasterCard
"Down Payment": $6,400
"Instant Income": $2,700
Days in Trade: 172
Return on down payment: 42.2%
Effective Annualized return: 111.1%

What's so great about the way this trade was set up is that the puts were actually over-priced at the time. It's exactly the type of Instant Income opportunity I look for.

Let me give you another example from an actual closed trade during our beta period...

September 7, 2012 -- Amazon (NYSE: AMZN) 16.1% Instant Income

Amazon's volatility jumped more than 40% in early September and options values soared. It was the perfect time to sell puts on one of the world's most dominant retailers.

The volatility in Amazon options peaked soon after and options prices declined. This might be too technical for this report, but I want you to know that finding the best trades involves looking at factors most investors aren't following. Rather than detailing the math, let's look at the results:

Take a look:

Strategy: Sell put option on Amazon
"Down Payment": $4,400
"Instant Income": $710
Days in Trade: 134
Return on down payment: 16.1%
Effective Annualized return: 50.3%

We recently closed out this trade as expected and pocketed our income of $710 per contract.

Remember, you could always sell more than one contract to double or triple your income.

And that's just one example of an Instant Income trade that could substantially boost returns.

Now let's look at a few more examples...

December 10, 2012 -- Phillips 66 (NYSE: PSX) Your Ticket to 32.3% Annualized Income

In early December, I spotted an Instant Income trade hiding among the Phillips 66 options.

Phillips 66 is a diversified energy company with 15 refineries and offers a way to benefit if the demand for oil and gasoline rises.

PSX was trading at around $53 at the time, but I believed it was fairly valued at $45 a share. I knew I could sell a put at $45 and buy the stock at that price if it fell about 17%. If PSX reached $45 by the time the put expired, I'd own a great stock at a discounted price. If PSX did not fall that much, I'd earn income from the premium that I collected when I sold the put.

In this case, the stock did not fall so I pocketed the income as you can see in this summary...

Strategy: Sell put option on Phillips 66
"Down Payment": $900
"Instant Income": $28
Days in Trade: 40
Return on down payment: 3.1%
Effective Annualized return: 32.3%

Again, this is a play where you could sell multiple contracts to increase the income.

Let me show you one last example of an Instant Income trade...

October 2, 2012 -- [Coach - COH] $125 Instant Income on Every $880

Coach is one of the best-known names in high-end fashion and has also been one of the best-performing stocks in the bull market that began in 2009. From its bear market lows, Coach gained 599% before peaking in March.

At the time I was looking at this trade, the stock had pulled back and was trading 30% below its all-time highs. The chart below showed that the price could be headed even lower in the short term.

Despite the stock's recent struggles, I believed Coach was still a great company for the long term... And at the right price, this stock was a buy.

That's when I spotted an Instant Income opportunity on this stock and decided to pull the trigger.

For just an $880 per contract down payment, I was able to pull $125 out in Instant Income. And at just 109 days in the trade, we were able to capture an annualized return of 56%.

Strategy: Sell put option on Coach
"Down Payment": $880
"Instant Income": $125
Days in Trade:
Return on down payment: 14.2%
Effective Annualized return: 56%

Again, it's easy to see how selling multiple contracts on this set-up could hand you $250, $500, $1,000 or more in Instant Income.

If you're starting to see how my Instant Income Strategy with a 84.6% win rate could benefit you and your retirement income, then let me show you how you can sidestep all the hard work of finding these kind of plays starting today...

Presenting Income Trader: Get Trades Like These
Delivered To Your Inbox Every Week Beginning This Wednesday Morning

For the past few months, we've listened to our readers and have worked feverishly behind the scenes to create a service dedicated to delivering Instant Income trades just like the ones I've just shown you.

And that's how Income Trader was born...

Every week, I'll profile a trade and give you everything you need to make an informed, intelligent decision on whether or not that particular trade is right for you.

You'll get the full details on why I chose a particular stock and option, and
you'll know in advance what I expect to happen and how I plan to exit each and every trade.

But unlike many options services, once the trade is made I'll stick with it until we completely close the trade out. In other words, you'll never be left wondering what to do.

We'll celebrate together when we get a winner, and we'll cut our losses when we don't.

So how much does a service like Income Trader cost?

First, let's consider the time involved if you were to try these options trades on your own...

Finding trades usually takes at least 10 hours a week, on average, yet placing trades requires less than five minutes.

In other words, without a service like Income Trader, you'll need to plan on spending more than 40 hours a month just researching these kinds of trades.

But with my Income Trader service, you can plan on less than 15 minutes per week to read the information and place the trades.

So it's really a matter of how much your time is worth. If your time is worth $10/hr, then it's a very real value of $400 per month just in research time alone.

Then there's also what you make on the trades... which is worth whatever you put in your pocket.

So every dollar you get is extra income to do with as you please.

Are You Qualified to Trade Options?

Before we can add your name to our Income Trader subscriber list, I need to make sure you meet a few basic requirements.

These requirements are for your protection and give you the best shot at success.

They won't remove all the risks nor will they guarantee success, but agreeing to these qualifications gives you the best shot.

So here are the two requirements we're asking you to consider before subscribing to my Income Trader service:

  1. You should have at least $25,000 available for trading. This will allow you to have several trades open at a time and keep up with our portfolio, which should average 3-6 open trades at any given time.
  2. You must be eligible to have an account set up with your broker to trade options. Don't worry,I describe how to accomplish this in my FREE Report: Profitable Trading's Broker Guide where I reveal exactly what to expect from your broker.

If you feel you are qualified to trade options, then there's just one more thing to consider...

Which Type Of Options Trader Are You? Just Earn or Earn and Learn?

We've found there are two types of options traders out there:

One... is the trader who just wants the picks. They don't want to know the why or how, they just want to know what to tell their broker or what to enter into their brokerage account.

Two... is the trader who wants to learn how to trade. They want to know why we picked a certain stock... why that option on that date... what I saw in the charts, etc.

So we've created two levels within my Income Trader service:

The Basic Level

This level is where everything is as close to "done for you" as you can get -- simply follow my trade instructions and enter the trade into your brokerage account then sit back and watch the income pile up.

In addition to my weekly trade, you'll also get:

Special Report #1: Profitable Trading's Options 101
This is a beginner's guide filled with everything you need to get started with options. It reviews all the basic terminology, principles and strategies of options trading.

Special Report #2: How to Generate Instant Income Selling Puts
The report summarizes everything I've learned as an options trader and what has allowed me to consistently pick winners more than 84% of the time. This is a step-by-step guide providing you with everything you need to sell puts.

Special Report #3: How to Generate Instant Income Selling Covered Calls
This report provides you with more detailed research on how to sell covered calls on stocks you already own, providing you with even more Instant Income.

Special Report #4: Profitable Trading's Brokerage Guide
In this report, we'll outline the various online brokers who provide options trading services, what you need to create your account, contact info and other important information needed to get started.

Plus, because Michael Carr was my mentor, I've asked him if he could include something to help get you started. He agreed. So you'll also be getting Michael Carr's Weekly Outlook, your roadmap to the markets. In each issue, he'll cover everything from the S&P 500, the precious metals market, the VIX, and news that could affect your trading and portfolio. This is a must-read for anyone with money in the market.

Yearly Subscription: Only $499

The Pro Level

With this level you get the "done for you" service of the Basic Level PLUS access to webinars, tutorial videos and the ability to send me your questions for review on these webinars.

In addition to all of the reports you get at the Basic Level, as a Pro Level member, you'll get this additional bonus report:

Special Report #5: The Top 15 Stocks for Generating Income with Options
This report gives you 15 of my favorite Instant Income stocks that are on my watch list. Each quarter, I'll update this report, plus I'll send my Pro Level members special alerts as the right setups appear.

NOTE: These 15 Bonus trades will be outside of the portfolio but could be worth hundreds -- if not thousands -- of extra income in 2013 and beyond.

I'm doing this because it gives Pro members more chances to see what makes a good trade, and therefore, learn options faster.

Plus, you get any other additional training tools and resources we add to help you "learn how" to trade options for yourself.

In other words at the Pro Level you'll not only earn, you'll learn the options game for yourself.

Yearly Subscription: Only $599

If you've even glanced at other options services then you know what a deal this is. Many so called options services charge two, three even four times or more what we're charging for this service. And they use far riskier strategies with questionable results.

Why pay more for risky, complicated strategies when you can get proven strategies backed by my years of risk aversion training for less.

After all, what good is it to make money on a trade if you lose it on the next trade.

However, before you decide which level is right for you, let me tell you about something special we're doing during the first weeks of this new service...

Save an EXTRA $100 -- For a Limited Time Only

I went to my publisher and asked if I'd be able to cut the price even further during the first weeks of this service.

He agreed.

So not only will you get immediate access to all the benefits of either the Pro subscription or the Basic subscription, you'll get an additional $100 off which ever you choose.

That brings the Basic Level subscription price down to just $399 for 52 issues.

And the Pro Subscription down to just $499 for 52 issues plus all the training and higher level access to me and occasionally the guy who discovered me, Michael Carr.

But it gets better...

I'm so confident that you'll be satisfied with my Income Trader service, that my publisher agreed to lock in your subscription at this reduced rate.

In other words, as long as you remain an Income Trader subscriber in good standing, you'll never pay more than $399 or $499 per year but ONLY with this limited time offer.

When you use the button below, accounting will be notified and a special lifetime status will be applied to your account so that your yearly subscription will never increase.

That means an extra $100 per year savings for as long as you are a subscriber in good standing. And that's no matter how many new features, courses and bonuses we add.

Will You Finally Get The Income You Deserve?

So there you have it. You have three basic choices...

  1. You could completely ignore options and continue to ignore the potential income used by Warren Buffett and thousands of average investors around the world.
  2. You could dive into options and spend hours (and dollars) figuring it all out on your own.
  3. Or you can let me show you how to play the options game with me in your corner doing all the hard work. And if along the way you want to learn more about options, you'll be able to do that too.

Whatever your choice, I hope at the very least this letter has helped you see options as a little less scary.

If you're interested in joining me and my Income Trader service, I'd love to welcome you at the lowest rate we'll ever offer.

After all, what do you have to lose? You're backed by my 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, less a 10% processing fee. And you get to keep all of my FREE reports just for giving my service a try.

If you like Income Trader, you get a great way to consistently add the income you deserve to your portfolio. And if you don't like the service, you still keep all of my free reports and learn a little more about options along the way.

That's about as fair an offer as I can make.

If you're interested, click on the "Subscribe Now" button below to get started. Don't worry, you'll be able to review all of the details on the next page.

I'm looking forward to seeing your name on this Wednesday mornings trade notification list.


Amber Hestla

Amber Hestla
Investment Strategist, Income Trader

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