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52 Trades, 52 Winners: How I've Built a Perfect Track Record for Over a Year

Every trade has been a winner -- with annualized returns as high as 212%.

Here's my entire Income Trader track record...and exactly how you can make the same winning trades yourself.

"I will never own a stock again if I can help it... I have increased my account by $150,000. Keep the recommendations coming!"
-- Richard K., Dallas, TX

Dear Reader,

You could call it a perfect record.

Income Trader readers have been seeing it all year -- and they've been using it to cash in some huge profits.

Now, I'm opening my books to show you how it's done.

Since we started the Income Trader advisory back in February of last year, I've closed 52 trades.

All 52 of them have reaped profits -- a 100% win rate.

Skeptical? I don't blame you. But I'm not just cherry-picking winners here. Every trade has made money.

And we're not buying and holding stocks, either.

In other words, Income Trader readers who have been following my recommendations have not lost a dime this year.

And these aren't just gains of a few percentage points, either...

Winning trades as high as a 212.2% annualized return

In a moment, I'll show you every trade I've closed this year. But first, here's just a quick snapshot at the type of success we're seeing:

  1. In November, we grabbed a 15.7% return on margin in 44 days -- a 130.4% annualized return
  2. April 2013 saw our most impressive trade: 25.0% return in 43 days, or a 212.2% annualized return
  3. From last June, a 13.0% return in 30 days -- a 157.8% annualized return
  4. And in January of this year, a 17.1% return in 37 days, or a 168.7% annualized return

In fact, if you look at all the numbers from throughout the year, investors just like you who followed these recommendations pocketed an...

Average 57.8% annualized return per trade

Once I "got" what I'm about to share with you, I not only replaced the income from my previous military position, I exceeded it by 30%. And both my income and net-worth continue to grow to this day.

As promised, here's a look at how the recommendations in my Income Trader newsletter have performed:

Symbol Days in Trade Income per Contract Return on Margin Annualized Return
PETM 37 $80 6.7% 65.8%
PSX 23 $95 7.9% 125.6%
STX 52 $58 10.7% 75.4%
QCOR 43 $130 25.0% 212.2%
TSO 36 $75 7.5% 76.0%
HUM 30 $60 4.8% 58.4%
KORS 51 $60 6.3% 44.7%
GMCR 44 $90 11.0% 91.0%
JOY 92 $293 N/A 21.1%
STX 71 $60 9.7% 49.8%
MLNX 51 $60 7.1% 51.1%
TSO 44 $75 7.8% 64.8%
DECK 37 $60 6.3% 62.3%
QCOR 30 $83 13.0% 157.8%
GMCR 9 $40 2.9% 115.9%
OUTR 92 $110 13.8% 54.6%
CBI 51 $59 5.4% 38.4%
OSIS 45 $100 11.1% 90.1%
JAZZ 29 $70 5.8% 73.4%
GMCR 23 $65 5.0% 79.3%
HUM 45 $85 5.7% 46.0%
CME 72 $65 5.0% 25.3%
CRR 59 $90 7.5% 46.4%
SODA 44 $130 11.8% 98.0%
QCOR 37 $80 7.3% 71.7%
WDC 85 $100 9.1% 39.0%
FFIV 79 $75 5.4% 24.8%
HD 44 $55 4.1% 33.8%
CAT 58 $43 2.8% 17.5%
HES 51 $54 3.9% 27.6%
AFSI 44 $110 15.7% 130.4%
IBN 36 $40 7.1% 72.4%
GMCR 86 $614 N/A 16.6%
CAB 65 $55 5.5% 30.9%
KMP 51 $46 3.1% 21.9%
ESRX 128 $51 4.6% 13.2%
AGU 72 $60 3.9% 19.6%
FFIV 65 $54 3.9% 21.7%
URI 53 $51 4.3% 29.3%
TSO 44 $59 6.1% 51.0%
MYGN 37 $65 17.1% 168.7%
PSX 57 $45 3.5% 22.2%
SYNA 92 $70 9.0% 35.6%
CBS 78 $62 5.6% 26.4%
VLO 68 $50 5.7% 30.5%
GILD 51 $105 7.5% 53.7%
WAG 92 $60 5.7% 22.7%
CBI 85 $83 5.7% 24.6%
JOSB 64 $55 6.9% 39.2%
ESRX 79 $80 5.9% 27.4%
ROC 72 $95 6.8% 34.4%
QCOR 33 $100 7.4% 81.9%

*The above results assume we only sold one put contract per recommendation, but the results are fully scalable. If we had sold 10 contracts per recommendation, for example, our total Instant Income so far would be $45,100.

As you can see, our average closed trade has generated a return of 7.4% over 56 days. That's an annualized gain of 48.2%!

And using the same strategy, you can increase the income you take in on these recommendations as much as you want.

Instead of selling one contract each (which is the minimum), you could sell 10 contracts per recommendation.

Then, the total amount you would have gained in Instant Income would be $45, 100 in 16 months -- and you could scale that even higher.

How does this work? In the next few minutes, I'm going to show you the Three Keys to making this strategy work so well.

Then, I'll show you how you can take advantage of this opportunity to easily multiply your Instant Income.

Investors just like you are using this strategy to generate more than $1,000/week... and some are making much more than that.

But first, there's a reason why I'm not generating these profits by buying and holding a bunch of stocks...

I don't trust the stock market anymore -- and it looks like you don't either

"But," you might say, "I think the market is doing really well. We're reaching new peaks every day. Shouldn't we be buying?"

Tread carefully.

Jeff Sica, president and chief investment officer at SICA Wealth Management, told Bloomberg that the numbers show "[I]nvestors are [going] all in... I see [this overconfidence] as a sign of a market top."

But if you look around, investors are actually divided on whether they should be buying or selling in this market.

Yahoo! recently polled investors on their current market sentiment. Here were the results:

Forty-three percent are confident that this is a great time to be buying, but 44% are worried that there's a crash on the other end of this market peak.

This split shows individual investors are not really sure what's going to happen next.

Virtually half of investors are bullish, feeling confident in where the market is headed.

But the other half is dialing back participation out of fear for a coming crash.

Some studies confirm the confidence of the first half. Bloomberg keeps a close eye on the comfort of the market.

And what have they found?

"The Bloomberg index of consumer comfort... was the highest since January 2008," says Bloomberg.

"Americans are feeling more secure about their own financial situation," said Joseph Brusuelas, a senior economist at Bloomberg LP in New York.

But some surveys reveal other investors aren't so sure.

A recent survey by Natixis Global Asset Management shows 56% of individual investors are limiting their investing and saving because they are worried about losing money in today's volatile markets.

Studies show confidence. Surveys show fear.

Nobody has any clue what to expect.

This confusion over what the market will do next can be endlessly frustrating to an investor looking to hang on to what he or she has -- or even generate a profit -- in the market.

That's why so many investors are asking the same question...

Do we ride this wave, or do we prepare for the inevitable collapse?

It might be time to continue to profit from soaring highs, or it might be a "house of cards" ready to plummet.

Wouldn't you rather be able to make money either way? Because that's the beauty of this strategy.

In fact, you can generate gains without worrying about what the market will do to your portfolio -- because you won't have to buy and hold a bunch of shares to profit.

I'm going to show you a new type of trading strategy that allows you to instantly generate profits from your investments without the risk of losing your entire nest egg to a sudden market crash.

The strategy that is the basis for my perfect record. And you won't believe some of the reader success stories I'm about to share with you.

In other words, Mr. Market can watch the news. He can read the blog posts. He can soar to new highs or sink to nest-egg-annihilating lows.

But this volatility won't make you panic or pull out of the market -- in fact, this volatility should increase our returns.

And that Instant Income I keep mentioning? That's money we're going to get at the start of the investment -- not the end.

After today, you're going to know how to make hundreds -- and even thousands -- of dollars in Instant Income by selling options.

Now hang on a second...

"Aren't options risky?"

See, any time I mention the word "options" to most investors, they give me quotes like this one from Barron's:

"It's accepted wisdom on Wall Street that 90% of investors lose money trading options."

And many investors listen to The Motley Fool when they say...

"The most daunting reason not to play with [options] is the simple statistic -- 80% of all players lose. Period. No arguments. No contests."

Just looking at quotes like these makes many investors run in the other direction.

And I can't blame them! Who wants to play those odds?

I'm not going to sit here and tell you that these respected market experts are wrong. They're absolutely right.

But they're also missing one word in their statements that changes what we're talking about.

The statement that 80%-90% of all options players lose is a false one.

It is true, however, 80%-90% of options buyers lose.

That's an important distinction to make, because I'm not going to show you how to buy options. Instead, I'm going to teach you how to sell them.

Because if 80%-90% of options buyers lose money, then...

80%-90% of options sellers make money... including Warren Buffett

Yes, buying options is like gambling -- the vast majority of people are losing this game.

But when you sell options, you put yourself in the shoes of the wealthy casino owner rather than the desperate gambler looking for that one big score.

And there are a lot of these desperate gamblers, thanks to:

  1. Failing European banks
  2. Our own struggling economy
  3. The fear of another crash like the 2008-2009 financial crisis or the tech bubble collapse in 2000

You'd also be in good company: Through his investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett has sold several billion dollars'worth of options.

And billionaires like Buffett aren't the only ones -- in a moment, I'll show you several examples of everyday investors who are taking advantage of this opportunity as well.

Remember: You can make thousands instantly and you don't have to risk the stock market's ups and downs.

Here's how one reader puts it:

"I would recommend conservative options trading to anyone my age (retired, late 60's) as it provides steady, relatively safe income... No second thoughts about signing up for Amber's service whatsoever."
- Douglas F., Des Moines, IA

So who am I to talk about risk? And why should you listen to me?

Well, because...

Analyzing -- and reducing -- risk is my specialty

My name is Amber Hestla. I'm a former Military Intelligence Analyst (MOS Classification 35F).

I spent my military career compiling facts and information from numerous sources to determine the level of risk our soldiers were dealing with.

This information helped commanding officers develop successful strategies on the battlefield.

While deployed overseas with the military, I learned the importance of analyzing data to forecast what was likely to happen in the future.

This skill translates amazingly well to the world of options and stock charts.

Today, as Options & Income Strategist of Income Trader, I'm an independent trader applying my intelligence skills honed on military deployments and undercover operations to the options markets.

Fortunately, risk management is no longer a matter of life and death, but I do believe it's the most important factor in long-term trading success.

For instance, over the past few years, I've had the privilege of conducting dozens of interviews with other experienced traders that have been published in the Market Technicians Association newsletter.

My writing has also been featured in trading magazines such as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities, Stocks and Futures and Options and Shares, a weekly trading magazine published in the United Kingdom.

When Profitable Trading, a division of a multi-million dollar financial research firm located in Austin, Texas, learned about my experience and my Instant Income strategy, they immediately brought me on board to teach their readers about trading and options.

With millions of readers, this financial juggernaut could have chosen anyone... but they chose me, and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

But here's the thing, I'm not telling you about my background to impress you, but to let you know that I understand what it means to have people depending on me and my work.

That's why every time I sit down at my computer and begin to gather and look through the data, my risk aversion training kicks into high gear.

I, probably more than anyone you will ever meet, know the cost of risk. It's been drilled into me by my training. I understand risk and reward on a scale I hope you never have to see first-hand.

But I'm not here just to talk about my military training.

Let me show you how to generate a new stream of thousands of dollars' worth of Instant Income while drastically reducing the risk to your investments.

As I mentioned before, there are Three Keys to why this options strategy works so well. And while I can't promise a perfect record forever, I can show you why this strategy can drastically minimize your losses.

Options Key #1: Collect profits immediately when the market is on its way up

As you may already know, "put" options give investors the right -- but not the obligation -- to sell a stock at a specified price before a specified date.

When we sell a put contract, we receive cash, or what I call Instant Income, upfront.

Selling a put means we're expecting the stock not to fall to a certain price. If it does, we have to buy 100 shares at that price (more on that in a minute).

If the stock goes up, or stays above the price we specified, we pocket that upfront money as pure profit.

Let's look at a quick example using one of my favorite stocks...

A 12% return in just five weeks... over 120% annual return

On January 12, 2013, I recommended readers sell Phillips 66 (PSX) Feb $48 puts at $1.15.

That's a put that expired in February last year and paid sellers $1.15 per-share in Instant Income, or $115 per contract.

And remember, we can scale that Instant Income up as much as we want by selling more than one contract.

Once we sold the option, the $115 of Instant Income was ours to keep no matter what.

In exchange, we promised to buy 100 shares of PSX for $48 a share if the stock dropped below that price by the end of February. I believed PSX would not fall to $48 a share.

Most brokers required only a small margin deposit of about $960 to make this trade.

Because shares stayed above $48 during the five weeks the trade was open, we didn't need to buy one share of PSX.

Since we were correct, we pocketed a 12% return on our $960 deposit... in five weeks.

If we could repeat a similar trade every five weeks, we'd generate more than 120% on our capital in a year.

Phillips 66 is one of my favorite companies -- and as you saw in the chart earlier, I sold another put option on it in March 2013 for a 7.9% return -- or 131.4% annualized.

This Instant Income strategy is repeatable -- bringing you profits again and again

It might be easy to explain away a handful of trades as a small sampling -- and say I am just cherry-picking the winners.

But I've applied this strategy over and over again for almost two years, and the results have brought in sizable gains every time:

  1. Synaptics(SYNA) last December made $70 (a 35.6% annual return)
  2. Questcor Pharmaceuticals (QCOR) this past April made $100 (an 81.9% annual return)
  3. Sodastream (SODA) last August made $130 (a 98% annual return)
  4. Keurig Green Mountain (GMCR) in June 2013 made $40 (a 115.9% annual return)

I know, the cash amounts on some of these trades look a little small at first glance.

But these payments are on single contracts. Once you feel comfortable selling options -- and I'll teach you everything you need to know -- you can sell multiple contracts to multiply your earnings.

That means you can take those cash amounts above and multiply them into $250... $500... $1,000... or more in Instant Income, depending on the trade.

Of course, it's fair to wonder what happens when the shares do fall below our target price...

What if you have to buy the shares?

As I showed you in that chart earlier, we've generated as much as 25% in Instant Income on our money in 43 days.

Again, that's an annualized gain of 212.2%.

But there are times when options falls below the target price, which means we have to buy shares of the company after pocketing our Instant Income.

For instance, in April 2013, we had to buy shares of Joy Global (JOY), the global mining equipment giant. Although we bought the shares at $55, our cost basis was actually a bit lower.

When we sold the puts the previous February, we received Instant Income of $0.93 per share, so our cost basis was actually $54.07 ($55 -- $0.93).

I never recommend a particular put option unless
I am 100% comfortable owning the stock itself

One of your biggest risks in selling put options is being "stuck" buying shares of a company you don't want to own.

That's why my risk analysis goes deeper -- into the companies themselves. I always make sure that we are selling options on stocks we wouldn't mind having in our portfolios.

Then, if we ever have to buy shares, we're still buying them at huge discounts, thanks to the Instant Income we received upfront combined with a strike price that is well below what I think the company is worth.

After we buy shares, we can generate even more Instant Income. That's why I recommended my Income Trader readers sell calls on JOY for $200 on April 25.

Those calls are the secret to Key #2...

Options Key #2: Move quickly to capitalize on market downturns

A covered call option is very similar to a put option, except our target price is higher than the current stock price.

So when the stock hits a sudden downturn, or it doesn't perform as well as expected, we get to pocket more Instant Income.

And because it's "covered," our Instant Income can add to the profits we make by simply owning the stock and selling it when it hits our price target.

Let's look at what happens with a covered call...

A $500 profit instantly -- on shares you already own

For example, let's say you own 100 shares of AAPL, and you sell a covered call saying the price will rise $50 above the current market price in the next 30 days.

Just like selling puts, when you sell the call, you immediately receive a small premium... maybe $5 a share.

If AAPL doesn't go up $50 in the next 30 days, selling a covered call still increases your profits by an additional $5 per share.

If AAPL does rise more than $50, then you will be able to sell the shares at a profit and keep the $5 per share.

Repeated over time, this strategy can deliver a significant amount of Instant Income.

Let's apply this strategy to our Joy Global example and see how much Instant Income is generated...

The rare "win-win" investment

Remember: We ended up owning discounted shares of JOY.

To generate more income from these shares, I recommended my readers sell covered calls on JOY, generating another $2 per share.

Selling this call generated $200 in Instant Income for every contract sold ($2 x 100 shares). When the contract closed on May 17, JOY was trading above $55, so we sold the shares.

Essentially, we were paid upfront to sell shares at a 5.3% total gain in 92 days, or 21.1% annualized. Even though our put option didn't work out, we still closed the trade for a nice profit... and yet another win.

As long as we own a stock, we can sell covered calls on the position to generate additional income any time we want.

In short, generating Instant Income from quality stocks is where investing gets fun -- you almost can't lose with this strategy.

You either get to generate a consistent "dividend" of sorts -- or you get to own quality stocks at a discount to the market prices.

And in some cases, you get to do both. Any way you play it, you're looking at a win-win situation -- a rarity in the financial world.

Options Key #3: Use shorter-term trades to reduce your risk in an uncertain market

We've talked about the volatility of today's market. We know that the market is going up, but at any second, it could plummet.

In fact, we're positive it's going to happen eventually. I'm guessing you believe that too.

But if you're still on the fence about this options strategy, I want to assure you: as an options seller, you're in control.

Once that bear market inevitably comes around the corner, we'll be able to respond quickly. That's the beauty of this strategy, you're not locked in for long periods of time.

The average options contract is between 30-60 days. So when we see the market crashing, we can make changes to our strategy, open some new options contracts, and keep on profiting.

Compare that to locking your money up in your IRA... your money market accounts... or your "buy and hold" mutual funds.

The intent of most long-term investors is to hang onto that money and keep losing -- hoping for the big "win" to come back to them.

Our intent is to keep you proactively making the right strategic moves to not only protect your money as the market fluctuates, but profit from those fluctuations.

And with our weekly newsletters, we'll keep you constantly updated so that you will never need to wonder, "What should I do with my money?"

We equip you with the necessary information to make informed decisions. These decisions could net you annualized returns of 81%... 168%... 125% and even 212%, just like my readers are enjoying right now.

And reaping these instant profits will only take a few minutes per week...

Income Trader makes selling options dead simple -- and profitable

In every weekly issue of Income Trader, I highlight a trade and arm you with all the information you need to make an intelligent and profitable decision on whether or not you should take action.

I detail why I think the option is going to generate Instant Income for you, and also why I like the company as an investment.

Then I give you the exact plan of action: what contract I am planning on selling, and how I plan on exiting each and every trade.

I take out the guesswork so you can feel confident in generating income streams worth thousands of dollars -- like many of my Income Trader readers have been able to do:

"This is the first time that an advisor has actually pointed out the way to make money with puts. Your explanations are very simple, concise, and to the point. I have utilized your strategy and the results have been amazing: I have generated over $60,000 in pure profits since I joined your service."
- Albert Q., Miami, FL
"I average 2 trades a week for about $14,000 a month."
- Bill K., Ladera Ranch, CA
"Amber's service is the best I have ever used. I have been able to generate at least $3,000 per month from her recommendations -- and have made well over $10,000 so far. I am so glad I found Amber -- Income Trader is the best option service I have ever used. I have made money on every one of her recommendations."
- Michael M., Huntington Beach, CA
"I have increased my net income from around $200/week to around $1,200/week. I have made over $10,000 in a short time."
- Dan B., San Carlos, CA
"My income has risen 400%. I generate about $30,000 per month. I made my investment back in the first 30 days. You're a jewel!"
- Brad C., Memphis, TN

This is just a small sampling of the emails we have pouring in on a regular basis from happy investors that are pocketing huge amounts of money thanks to Income Trader.

And there's one key difference between Income Trader and other options advisory services available today...

You'll never be left wondering what to do

Most options services will give you the trade information and leave you to fend for yourself.

This is intimidating because you may find yourself wondering what to do next.

But with Income Trader, I stick with you throughout the trade, and I'll alert you any time you need to make a decision or take action.

With this assistance from start to finish, pocketing these instant profits is incredibly easy.

Now, you're probably thinking...

How much does a service like this cost?

On your own and without Income Trader, you could spend hours analyzing stocks and researching options. In fact, you could easily spend at least 10 hours a week.

But the trades you make only take five minutes to complete.

Are you willing to spend 40 hours a month to research trades?

If not, Income Trader can give you all the tools you need to make an informed decision in less than 15 minutes per week, including the time to actually make the trades.

How much is your time worth? $10/hour? $20/hour?

If so, then you are already seeing a $400-$800 value per month just in saved time.

That value doesn't even include the instant payouts of up to $1,000/week... or more for selling the contracts.

Those profits aren't just considered Instant Income, it's Extra Income, too.

So, how much does Income Trader cost?

A package of research that hands you the keys to these profits

Collecting $1,000/week or more in Instant Income is not complicated -- simply follow my trade instructions in each weekly issue of Income Trader and enter the trade into your brokerage account.

Then sit back and watch the income pile up while you enjoy your free time.

In addition to my weekly trade recommendation, you'll also get this package of Six Special Reports:

Special Report #1: Profitable Trading's Options 101
This is a beginner's guide filled with everything you need to get started with options. It reviews all the basic terminology, principles and strategies of options trading.

Special Report #2: How to Generate Instant Income Selling Puts
This report summarizes everything I've learned as an options trader and what has allowed me to consistently pick winners. This is a step-by-step guide providing you with everything you need to get started selling puts.

Special Report #3: How to Generate Instant Income Selling Covered Calls
Many investors are happy to just hold stocks in their investment accounts. But you can do better than that -- much better. By selling covered calls, you can funnel more income from stocks you already own. In this report, I give you all the details you need to know to cash in on this excellent strategy.

Special Report #4: Profitable Trading's Brokerage Guide
In this report, I'll outline the various online brokers that provide options trading services, what you need to create your account, contact info and other important information needed to get started.

Special Report #5: The Top 10 Stocks for Generating Income with Options
This report gives you 10 of my favorite Instant Income stocks that are on my watch list. These are some of the best stocks in the market for my options-selling strategy.

Special Report #6: The Most Useful Timing Tool You Never Heard Of
It's an income investor's dream: an indicator that shows precisely when to sell an option to maximize the gains from volatility. It's all about finding the right stocks at the right time -- and making the right moves. It's the indicator that drives my entire strategy, and you'll get everything you need to know in this special report.

These reports are your easy-to-understand primer, and they will give you all the tools you need. With these reports in your arsenal, you will be able to make the trades quickly and easily.

An annual subscription to Income Trader costs $1,499 -- but you're not going to pay that much.

But before I show you a special discounted offer, let me "sweeten the pot" a little bit...

Subscribe today for a complete market road map"

Accomplished trader and investor John Kosar has allowed me to include something special as part of your subscription. You'll also be getting John Kosar's Market Outlook, your road map to the markets, absolutely free.

And John knows his stuff. For more than 30 years, he's analyzed and forecasted global financial markets. He's been quoted in the financial press both here in the U.S. and abroad, being featured in CNBC, Fox Business, and Bloomberg, among others.

In each issue of his Weekly Outlook, he'll cover everything from the S&P 500, the precious metals market, the VIX, and news that could affect your trading and portfolio.

This is a must-read for anyone with money in the market -- and it's yours at no cost if you sign up today.

This is already a great package -- and well worth the $1,499 asking price, but I wanted to make this offer even better so that you can start grabbing Instant Income today...

Claim your subscription now and lock in a 33% discount

Remember, the time that it would take you to sell options on your own would be worth anywhere from $4,800 to $9,600 per year.

Already, you can see that a yearly subscription for only $1,499 is an incredible deal.

And just listen to what a few readers told us about the income potential from Income Trader...

"Following your advice has been easy. I've used your methodology and made up to $100,000 per month. Last month, I made $26,000."
- Bill P., Franklin Lakes, NJ
"I get about $2,000 per weekly trade. Income Trader has all but overhauled my approach to investing from the grimaces of pain to ecstatic joy -- I've made about $120,000."
- Gianguido P., Barzano, Italy
"I appreciate the research that you have provided behind each recommendation, as it relieves me of that responsibility. I have averaged $3,000 to $5,000 per month from your recommendations. It has paid for itself. In January 2014, I earned $15,513.89 -- more than I made in all of 2013."
- William B., Wichita, KS
"About $30,000/ yr. Bought a Porsche"
- Carter B., Clemmons, NC
"I'm generating about $1,000 a month for investment growth for retirement in ten years."
- Susan W., Santa Cruz, CA
"I made $13,965 in two months. Great, successful service. Keep doing what you have been doing."
- JC S., Otis Orchards, WA

"Averaged $3,000 to $5,000 per month"... "$13,965 in two months,"... "up to $100,000 per month,"...

Because I want you to see these kinds of returns on your investment, I asked my publisher if he'd be able to cut the price even further for a limited time only.

He agreed...

Order now and save $500

For a limited time only, you'll get immediate access to all the benefits of an annual Income Trader subscription (including the package of premium research reports) for $500 off the regular price.

That brings the price down to just $999 for 52 issues, plus all the training and higher level access to me and expert market analyst John Kosar.

But not only will you get your weekly issue of Income Trader and this basket of free reports, you're also going to get special alerts with 3 bonus trade ideas every week.

I call this alert "The Top Instant Income Opportunities This Week".

This is a special bonus to paid subscribers of Income Trader. These bonus trade ideas can be used as great setups for potential options trades.

My hope is that you'll use these bonus trades to generate even more extra income from selling options, and it's my extra bonus gift to you. These bonus trades will be outside of the portfolio but could be worth hundreds -- if not thousands -- of extra income in 2014 and beyond.

And it gets even better...

Subscribe today and lock in your rate for as long as you choose

I'm so confident that you'll be satisfied with my Income Trader service that my publisher agreed to lock in your subscription at this reduced rate.

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And that's no matter how many new features, courses and bonuses we add.

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