The Hestla Heist

The Hestla Heist

How I legally got away with $37,000... and how you can do the same.

"It's about as close to free money as you'll ever get in your entire life."
                                                                                ~ Jonathan Poland
                                                                         Washington, DC insider

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Give Us a Call: If you have any questions, or would like to pay by telephone, please call 855-512-6698 (toll-free).

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The Hestla Heist

How I legally got away with $37,000... and how you can do the same.

"It's about as close to free money as you'll ever get in your entire life."
                                                                                ~ Jonathan Poland
                                                                         Washington, DC insider

Hello, please don't think of this as a confession or admission of any wrongdoing. Because everything I did was 100% legal.

And in this video I'm going to show a heist I pulled off to get away with $37,000... from some of the greediest investment banks on Wall Street.

Now, I know it sounds illegal. But as you'll see, it isn't.

It's been legal since 1977. And for ordinary folks like you and me, it's the easiest way to pocket a few hundred, or even a few thousand dollars without doing much work.

In fact, I've shown this to other people, many of whom have joined me on these heists as well...

Like Texas hospital worker, Duane S., who grabbed $2,000 last month and tells me, "This was my first time and it was very easy!"

Or retired First Sergeant Rory D. who says, "I had no problems learning it. I have made over $10,000."

And Annapolis resident, Andrew T., made over $50,000 since finding out about this from me, "I had been using this for almost a year and I am living on it."
These are everyday people like you and come from all walks of life. None of them have any specialized skills or training. Yet each has learned how to do this simple "heist" to supplement their monthly income.

Last year, I found over $37,000 this way. Whenever I do this, it takes me only 2 to 3 minutes. I do it from my laptop, sitting comfortably in my living room. I have the money to use right away, any way I choose... to pay my bills... put towards my son's college tuition... or a vacation.

My name, by the way, is Amber Hestla.

And I'm going to show you exactly how I pull off what I like to call the "Hestla Heist."

Now, I understand you may have moral reservations about doing this yourself. So let me put your mind at ease and show you exactly what it is... why it's been legal for nearly 4 decades...

... And how you can use it to grab cash month after month with just a few minutes of your time. How you can use it to pay your bills... go on vacations... supplement your income... or whatever you wish.

Then, you can decide if it's something you could feel comfortable doing. And if so, you'll see how easily you too could pocket $830 or more today...

The Hestla Heist exploits
Wall Street's unfair win-win tactic

The first thing you should know about this "heist", is that it's being done on Wall Street every day.

Of course, that in itself doesn't make it legal. But it was legalized on June 3, 1977 by the SEC and the U.S. Federal government. Most likely at the urging of Wall Street's large hedge funds and investment banks, who make billions of dollars with it every year.

Now, I'm not talking about any kind of regular investing, day trading, or anything like that. And when I say "heist", I'm not describing any form of theft or robbery, either.

As you probably know, Wall Street has many ways to make money which have nothing to do with buying or selling stocks.

These tactics make money for them in seconds, over and over again. In most cases with little risk because they create win-win situations where they almost always make money.

Perhaps you've heard of some of them like algorithmic trading or arbitrage. Both of these tactics let Wall Street pros buy up investments at one exchange at a lower price, and immediately sell them at another exchange at a profit.

They can do this over and over again, with little chance of losing money.

Tactics like these aren't available to people like you and me. But they're a cash cow for the pros who use them.

Or perhaps you've heard of the specialized investments Wall Street creates which let them exploit existing market situations at huge profits -- once again, with nearly no risk at all.

Like Wall Street hotshot, Alec Litowitz, who performed a series of "heists" using something called "collateralized debt obligations" to grab over $1 billion before the housing market peaked in 2008.

Or hedge fund manager, John Paulson, who became a billionaire by using "credit default swaps" shortly after that.
In my opinion, what these guys did is without question, unethical, even if it was legal.

You see, there are countless tactics used on Wall Street which, in my opinion, are legalized heists. Unfair tactics that allow them get away with a fortune -- but aren't available to individual investors like you and me.

I don't agree with these tactics, no matter how legal they are, because I don't believe in making money by hurting or exploiting someone else financially.

But there is one type of heist which is both ethical and legal. I have no reservations using it. And nor should you.

Like the others, it's heavily used on Wall Street. But in this case, it isn't complicated and doesn't require large sums of money like the heists I just mentioned... and most important: it's available to regular investors like you and me.

I've modified it for my own use... so I could do it with the limited resources of a regular investor.

In fact, this tactic often lets me jump ahead of the big Wall Street firms and get away with a cut of their profits before they even know what happened. And that's why I call it the Hestla Heist.

It's easy to do, and you don't need any specialized training or skill to do it.

But it wasn't always like this...

Today's computer technology
lets you access Wall Street's secret

When this tactic was legalized in 1977, it wasn't available to ordinary investors like you and me... Only Wall Street professionals could take advantage of it.

But all that changed in the 1990's when home computers and the internet became commonplace. That's when regular folks like you and me gained access to the markets through online discount brokerages. And for the first time, we could directly access the same pools of money as the pros. And for the first time also, we could use the Hestla Heist to collect money just as they do.

"I was able to pay off my car almost 2 years early!" says Amey P. in Roseville CA. after grabbing $12,000.

"I certainly live a happier life now," admits Louisiana resident, George H., who grabs $1,500 to 2,000 each month.

"The income allowed me to not have to work in retirement, and enjoy traveling like I planned to," reports Joyce A. in Houston TX.
These folks are grabbing the easiest and safest income possible.
As Jonathan Poland, a Washington, DC, investment analyst confided; "It's about as close to free money as you'll ever get in your entire life."
And once you try it for yourself, you'll see exactly why. Because with the Hestla Heist, you can grab money within minutes every day the markets are open.

So how do you do it?

It works through your online brokerage account by accessing money lying around in the financial markets.

Now I realize you may not think the markets have money lying around for you to simply grab.

But that is how Wall Street does it. Let me show you...

The "other" market where Wall Street
REALLY makes its money

When most people think of using their brokerage account, they think of investing in the stock market. But that's not where this money comes from.

You see, the stock market is only a tiny portion of the whole financial system. And when it comes to Wall Street's investment banks, hotshot traders and brokerage houses... stocks aren't their main source of income.

No, it's another market that American economist, Webster Tarpley, reports, "has come to represent the principal business of Wall Street."

It's a market that's over 21 times bigger than the stock market. Some analysts estimate it's worth over $790 trillion!

In fact, The Economist calls it "the biggest financial exchange you have never heard of."

It's huge. There's no other market that's even close to its size.

To give you an idea of how big it is, more money changes hands here than the value of all goods and services produced on earth. Including everything produced in China.

This market doesn't deal in stocks. And it's kept growing regardless of what's been happening in the economy or the stock market.

Forbes reported, "this market has grown unfathomably vast."

This market is where Wall Street's investment banks, hedge funds and their wealthy clients make their real money... using the Hestla Heist, and other methods I mentioned.

And legendary investors, including Warren Buffett, use this strategy to cash in on huge stock market gains:

Between 2004 and 2008, he used the Hestla Heist to withdraw nearly a billion per year from this market.
Most people don't realize it, but he made more money this way in those 5 years than from any other single investment. And Bloomberg News reports Buffett continues to make billions this way still.

Today, many ordinary Americans are using the same tactic to grab money from here too. Just ask Michigan resident, Carol L.:
"It's enabled me to live more comfortably. I don't have to worry if the stock market goes up or down. I have been able to generate at least $3,000 per month to pay my mortgage, and my monthly expenses."
And now, you can join small investors like Carol, and take advantage of this market as well.

By now, you're probably wondering where this money comes from. So to understand that, I really should show you what investments this market deals with...

Just click "submit" and access unlimited cash

As I mentioned, this enormous market doesn't deal with stocks, bonds, treasuries, ETFs, mutual funds or any other regular investment most people are used to. Instead, it deals exclusively with a category of investments known as derivatives.

Now, they have many different names such as:

forward rate agreements...
money market instruments...
stock options...
swap options...
interest rate caps...
property index notes...
and many others most of us haven't even heard of.
Their names might sound confusing, but basically these are all just various types of bets.

They are bets on anything to do with money. Like bets on what interest rates will be next month... bets on fuel prices... or stock prices.

Now, doing the Hestla Heist has nothing to do with making any of these bets yourself.

Remember: I got the Hestla Heist by finding out how Wall Street makes its money so unfairly... which led me to this secret.

And how Wall Street does it, is by collecting the money being lost on these bets.

Let me show you what I mean...

Speculators lose $3,600...
which you can grab today

Many of the bets placed in this market are highly speculative. For instance, I recently saw bets being made that Google's (NASDAQ:GOOG) stock price would drop from $1,145 per share to $285 per share within a week, a 75% drop!

In other words, some people are using this market to wager that Google's stock will collapse in the next few weeks.

To me, that's just ridiculous. But what's even crazier is that these people have put $3,600 on this happening.

To show you how unlikely this bet is, just consider that Google has been around for 26 years and is the world's no. 1 search engine.

They make over $40 billion a year from letting people place ads on the internet. And their money from this has been going up every year without any signs of stopping. Even during the last financial crisis, Google's stock didn't drop by as much as these people are betting on.

So short of an unprecedented global disaster, I don't see how its share price could possibly drop 75% in a few weeks.

But for whatever reason, there are some people out there who've placed bets on this happening.

Who are these people?

They are speculators. Maybe hotshot traders... or Wall Street's wealthy clients. Some of them with perhaps more money than common sense.

To them, this market is just a huge casino where they can place bets in the off chance of hitting some large jackpot. These people love taking risks and would feel equally at home in a casino.

Losing on speculative bets like this is normal in their pursuit of that one lucky bet that may pay off. It comes with the territory, similar to losing your bet in a poker hand.

In fact, I heard one speculator boast, "It doesn't matter whether my trade is big or small. The adrenaline rush and euphoria are simply awesome. [It's] addictive."

And that's why they're placing bets on things like Google's stock dropping so far in such a short time. It's the thrill of hitting some imagined jackpot.

Of course, Google's stock price will go up and down over the next few weeks as it always does. But it's virtually impossible for it to drop as much as those speculators are betting on.

Too bad for them, because they'll lose the $3,600 they've put on this wager. And in most cases, some Wall Street firm will pick up this money like a casino collecting bets from its gambling table.

And this is where the Hestla Heist comes in. Because with the Hestla Heist, you can grab this money before Wall Street does.

"I couldn't believe how easy it was. Last year I made $82,000," says Carl G. in Easton, NY.

And South Carolina retiree, Dan B., is collecting $1,200 EACH WEEK...
Let me show you how you could do it...

How to "steal" from
Wall Street's income

What the Hestla Heist enables you to do is spot these ridiculous bets, and collect the money being lost by those impulsive speculators.

As I mentioned, I don't believe in taking money from people without their consent. And I certainly don't believe in hurting someone else financially while I'm getting rich.

When you use this tactic, you are simply collecting the money lost by impulsive (and often wealthy) gamblers who make wildly speculative bets in the derivatives market.

That's what the Hestla Heist allows you to do. It helps you butt ahead of Wall Street and pick up the money being lost before they do.

  • That's why I call it a "heist". Because when you do this, you're "stealing" some of Wall Street's profit.
And as I said -- I'm completely comfortable with a legal strategy that levels the playing field for individual investors.

As you could expect, Wall Street isn't happy about anyone cutting into their profits. In fact, on July 1, 2013, USAToday reported, "the world's largest investment banks appear to have colluded to block attempts by exchanges to trade and offer [certain] derivatives... the banks acted collectively because they feared it would reduce their revenues."

But the collusion has so far been ineffective. And you have every right to grab some of this money yourself...
... just like Fred D., who collects $5,000 per month and tells me, "I'm retired so it assists with monthly income."

Or Jonathan Y. in Durham, NC says, he grabbed $1,394 last month.
In fact, when you see how easy this is, you may never want to invest in stocks the old-fashioned way ever again...
"I am 100% committed to this and I have sold all my stocks. Now, I am making over $3,000 per month," reports Michael M. in Los Angeles.
To give you an idea of how easily you can pick up this kind of money, just look at the vast number of bets and money in the market right now...

Millions of bets losing money means
millions of dollars for the taking

Now, I just showed you some of the ridiculous bets people have placed on Google's stock.

But the truth is, it's like that with nearly every large stock on the New York and NASDAQ stock exchanges... On everything from Apple to Zoetis.

Just take a look at Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) for instance...

Some people are betting its stock price will drop from $63 a share to $16 in the next 6 weeks.

That's an enormous 75% drop in share price. Is this possible?

Maybe, but I highly doubt it.

The stock has NEVER dropped that much, or even been that low, since it was first listed.

But some wild speculators have bet $2,592 on this happening. Too bad for them, because they'll likely lose their money.

Then there's another 1,099 bets with $2,198 being put up that Facebook will drop by two-thirds in price. Once again by impulsive speculators who'll in all likelihood lose that money.

And that's just a few of the bets on Facebook's stock.

Now, take Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN)...

Right now, there are 119 bets that its stock price will drop nearly in half from $360 a share, to $195, in the next 6 weeks.

That just doesn't make sense. Even during the 2008 market crash, Amazon's stock didn't drop that fast. But some people have bet $595 on it happening.

Another 237 bets have $10,902 wagered that Amazon will also drop by half.

Again, this is all money you could pick up today, using the Hestla Heist.

And it's like that with nearly every major stock...

I found 762,700 bets on Apple's (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock price collapsing. These bets range from a few bucks to $6,450 ...

For Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), there are well over a million bets of all sizes including a group of 3,395 bets for $430 each saying its price will plummet...

And take a look Visa (NYSE:V).

Some speculators are betting Visa's share price will crash by 70% in a week and a half.

Unheard of!

But, once again, there's $2,562 worth of bets on it, which these guys will almost certainly lose. And it goes on and on like this...

These bets range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. There's literally page after page of bets placed on this stock.

This is all money which will most likely be lost, and picked up by some Wall Street firm... or a savvy investor using the Hestla Heist...

Like Atlanta resident, Stephen H., who picks up $800 to $2,200 each month, "I'm using it to take an anniversary trip with my wife to Switzerland."

Or Utah post office worker, David M., "I have made about $7,761 over my first five and a half months."

And Mississippi native, Merl W., "It was not difficult to learn at all. My monthly income is averaging $2,000 over the last 10 months."
And you too can grab money like this simply by placing a "transfer request" that moves the money into your account within 2 to 3 minutes. Here's how...

Unlock your online brokerage account
to collect money in 2-3 minutes

Doing these "heists" is very easy. In fact, they have similar steps to placing a regular stock order. Except in this case, you don't use the stock order page of your account.

Instead, you access another account feature which most people simply aren't aware of. It gives you direct access to the money you'll be extracting with the Hestla Heist.

If you deal with any of the large online brokerages like Fidelity... E*Trade... Charles Schwab... TD Ameritrade... or Scottrade, you most likely have this feature in your account.

It's easier to find on some brokerage websites than others. And some accounts have the feature locked out or disabled by default. But don't worry. With a few clicks or a phone call, you can usually unlock this feature in your existing brokerage account. I'll show you exactly how…

Once you've enabled this account feature, you simply enter a specific code into the account, which I'll give you. This code is used to place the "transfer request" that extracts a given amount of money out of the market.

And then, you just click "submit" and watch the money get transferred into your account.

How much you collect varies each time. But most people I've shown this to can withdraw a few hundred to a few thousand dollars at a time.

For instance, Daniel R. in Charleston, WV, tells me, "I was a little nervous doing my first [one], but once I clicked 'submit' and saw it filled, I knew it wasn't going to be hard at all." He's collecting $300 to $500 every time he does this.

And Portland, OR, native, Richard W., says, "There is nothing like the last click of the mouse knowing that you have $2,000 to $4,000 in your account." He collected $110,000 last year.
When I do it, I usually get acknowledgment that the money is transferred into my account within 2 to 3 minutes. About the same length of time it would take me to transfer money from one bank account to another.

So where do you get these "transfer request" codes?

That's easy... I'll send them to you, along with the simple step-by-step instructions on how to use them. All you have to do, is get on my alert list...

Start profiting now...
I'll email you the codes today

You see, I share these codes each week by email... with details on how much you can expect to grab... and how to go about collecting this money.

If you're interested, I'll add you to my mailing list immediately.

You see, I'm the editor of one of the most unique financial research services at Profitable Trading. Called Income Trader, it focuses exclusively on the opportunity I've been telling you about here.

Every week, I find the bets most likely to lose, so you can then collect them.

And once you're on my mailing list, I'll never leave your side. I'll e-mail you additional updates as necessary... with all the information you could possibly need.

Frankly, I never thought I'd be writing a financial research service...

My original training was as a Military Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Army. I served in Iraq, and I've seen things... heard things... experienced things... that I'm forbidden to talk about.

But before I deployed, I was working in the National Guard and was assigned to do intelligence work outside of the Army.

It was during a course in Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure that I met a former Air Force Colonel named Michael Carr. It turned out that Michael was an accomplished trader who had managed over $200 million for wealthy retirees.

And during one of our discussions, he mentioned that I could utilize my analytical skills in an environment that didn't involve facing the wrong end of someone's weapon.

That's when, with Michael's guidance, I learned about trading... the derivatives market... and the various ways to use it for profit... including the Hestla Heist.

After several years, I became so adept at it, that I consistently surpassed my military income using the financial tactics he taught me.

My success has been featured in trading magazines such as Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities... Stocks, Futures and Options... and Shares, a weekly trading magazine published in the United Kingdom.

That's when Profitable Trading, a division of a multi-million dollar Austin, Texas, financial research firm learned about me. They immediately brought me on board to show their readers about all the little-known ways of making money in the derivatives market... like the Hestla Heist I told you about.

With more than one million daily readers, this financial juggernaut could have chosen anyone... But they chose me, and I don't take that responsibility lightly.

It's been my privilege to run Income Trader.

And since I first launched my advisory letter last year, every single one of my recommendations has been successful and made money… 52 for 52...

A 100% success rate!

There isn't a single comparable service we know of that's done anything like that.

It's become the most popular trading research product in the history of our firm. And for good reason... it's shown our subscribers the opportunity to generate a small fortune in income… with as little risk as is possible in the investment world.

One fellow -- Bernard A. in Camel, IN -- e-mailed to say, "All your recommendations were winners!" And Li Y. tells me, "I have never lost a single penny."

"This is the first time I have had a "strategy" and a system to generate consistent and regular income," says Dennis J.
Once you get on my mailing list, the first thing I'll send you are instructions on how to access your brokerage account's hidden feature. And if the feature is disabled -- how to contact your broker and what to tell him so he unlocks your account to use this tactic.
"Your directions and explanations are very clear," says Dave F. in Palm Harbor, FL. who collects $3,000 each month.
I've put the full details in a research report called, How to steal Wall Street's income using the Hestla Heist.

But before you rush to get onto my mailing list, there's something vitally important I must tell you...

Not for novices who are
happy with mediocre gains...

Collecting a steady income this way is not for everyone. And I find that the people who benefit most from my research usually meet two specific qualifications:

First, I recommend you have at least $15,000 in investing capital set aside.

Of course, whether or not you choose to follow my advice, and how much money you commit to any single play, is entirely up to you. But it's a good idea to have at least this much capital at your disposal so you get the maximum benefit of the techniques I'll be showing you in Income Trader.

And second, you must be open to embracing a new -- and highly-profitable -- investment strategy.

You see, in spite of everything I've said so far… I have no idea what kind of person you are.

That's because, in my experience, most people are afraid to try anything that looks in any way "unusual." Especially when it comes to the financial markets.

If that sounds like you... I'm sorry for wasting your time.

I have no interest in showing you conventional ways of making money. If all you want to do is buy stocks and collect a few dividends... please stop watching now.

Because my picks in Income Trader rely exclusively on money to be made from the highly-lucrative derivatives market.

In other words, you'll be using tactics which might be entirely new to you... unlike anything you imagined would be legal or even possible.

As a result, you must be willing to use the investments found in the derivatives market, including stock options. They are the best way to collect the money being lost in this market.

That's why with the Hestla Heist, we'll be using stock options to collect other people's wild bets.

To reiterate, we're NOT making the same bets ourselves. We're only going after the money being lost on those crazy gambles.

So, if you're comfortable with mutual fund gains or a typical buy-and-hold approach, Income Trader most likely isn't suited for you.

On the other hand, if you're still interested and ready to collect a safe, consistent income... then I think you'll love Income Trader.

And don't worry, you don't need any special skill or prior experience. Just a willingness to try something you may have never done before.

If you're excited by the idea of making an extra $1,200 or more each and every month... I think you're going to love this...

"It was easy to learn and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I just collected $19,000 in ten months," says Tallahassee, FL, resident, Stanley B.

And Raymond N. in San Diego tells me, "The subscription was paid for in the first month. I have made over $10,000 in each of my accounts during the first year."

Pennsylvania subscriber, Bruce S., says, "I am averaging about $4,000 per month."

And listen to this one: Michael M. was so excited with his results, he sent me an email saying, "I'm buying a new Porsche since everything else is paid off."
So how much does it cost to join me on my "heists", and receive Income Trader?

I know other financial researchers charge $4,000 per year or more for similar research in the derivatives market. I think it's a fair price, considering how much money you may be making right away.

But right now, I'm authorized to offer Income Trader for much, much less.

Before I give you the details... let me show you one more thing you'll receive with your subscription.

It's the full details on another way Wall Street exploits the derivatives market, which is also available to ordinary investors...

Another Wall Street tactic to collect
free "Funneled Income"

Many investors are happy to just hold stocks in their investment accounts. Either for equity growth or to collect dividends.

But you can do better than that. Much better, actually. Did you know that you can let other people place bets on the shares you own... and receive money for doing so?

I call this tactic "Funneled Income," because it funnels more income from the stocks you already own.

Just like the Hestla Heist, this is another tactic you can use to exploit the derivatives market. It works by permitting other people to bet on how much your shares will be worth in a few weeks or a few months down the road.

What I love about this tactic is that like all of Wall Street's tactics, it basically creates a win-win situation.

That's because with the Funneled Income secret, there's usually only one of two possible outcomes for you:

1) You collect the money being bet by some gambler, and he loses his money...

or 2): He "wins" his bet, and you sell him your stock at a profit!
It's win-win either way!

I've shown this to many people who are making great money with this:
For instance, Fort Worth resident, Charles L., grabbed $8,200 with the help of this secret...

And retiree, Steve K., tells me, "I was able to generate over $62,000 in [funneled income] from my stocks last year."
When you join my service, I'll send you the details about how you can do this right away. You'll find everything you need to know in my research report called, Funneled Income: How to collect extra income on the stocks you already own.

All the reports I mentioned to you are free when you try my service.

Here's how you can start collecting income now...

How to get started now...
and your 1st "heist" could cover your cost

As I've shown you, Income Trader is not your typical investment newsletter service. That's why the price for one full year of Income Trader is $1,000.

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The fact is, you could easily collect 2 to 3 times that amount in the next few days.

Like, Jack M. in Philadelphia, who grabbed $874 the first time he tried it... and $1,569 the second, "My subscription was paid for with my first trade," he tells me.

Karen H. in Aberdeen SD, who made $2,000 in two months after subscribing...

Or Luther L. in Morgan City, Louisiana, who tells me, "I made over $10,000 last year. The subscription was paid for the first week."
That's what makes this offer so valuable. Your first "heist" alone could easily pay for your entire subscription!
In fact, this prompted another fellow, Rick H., to write me, "I think your fee is too low."
Having said that, for a brief time only -- I'm able to give you 6 FREE months of my service...

Get 6 months FREE...

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And I know you have to try my service first to see the kinds of results you could be experiencing... like Dale E. in North Carolina, "It was a little scary at first, but easy to learn. I'm collecting about $3,200 a month."

And get this: Martin F. in Missouri wrote me this email:

To: Amber Hestla
From: Martin F.

With the help of your advisory I was able to add about $140,000 to my personal wealth. - MF

I know that Income Trader is worth much more than $499 per year.

Especially when you consider that since I first launched it one year ago, every one of my recommendations has made money… 52 for 52... a 100% success rate.
"I have much more faith in Amber and her 100% track record," says Sage K. after making $2,000.

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