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How You Could Find Several of the Best-Performing Stocks of 2015 -- Before They Soar

Our indicator flagged four of the best-performing stocks of 2014... and delivered gains of 83%... 118%... even 266% in less than 12 months. Now it's found 10 more stocks flashing the same kinds of "buy" signals.

How You Could Find Several of the Best-Performing Stocks of 2015 -- Before They Soar

Our indicator flagged four of the best-performing stocks of 2014... and delivered gains of 83%... 118%... even 266% in less than 12 months.

Now it's found 10 more stocks flashing the same kinds of "buy" signals.

Read below to learn how it works... and to get the name of its latest "buy."

Hi, my name is Frank Bermea.

I'm the publisher for Profitable Trading, one of the largest independent investment research firms in America.

A year ago, my team and I created an investment indicator... an indicator that our testing suggested would find stocks right before they soared.

In the months that followed, it quickly became the most accurate indicator in our company's history.

It tipped off the small handful of investors who knew about it to:

20% gains in two weeks...

83% gains in one month...

118% gains in three months...

And dozens more.

In fact, it spotted many of the best stocks of the year.

It tagged the 7th, 9th, 11th, and 16th best-performing stocks at various stages of their runs. And was able to deliver an average gain of 109% between them.

Keep in mind: these weren't 4 of the top 20 fly-by-night penny stocks.

These were 4 of the top 20 profitable companies with a market cap over $100 million.

I'll show you the list of all 20 of these companies -- and the ones our indicator spotted -- in a moment.

But just know that those weren't the only top stocks our indicator spotted.

In all, it tagged 8 of the top 50 best stocks. And they delivered gains of 37%... 80%... 119%... even 266% -- all in less than a year.

And that's why I created today's presentation...

See, given the potency of this indicator, it should come as no surprise that we're EXTREMELY protective of it. We've only showed it to a few hundred people.

We know how important it is to keep a powerful indicator like this a secret. Once it's widely known, everybody starts using it, and it loses its edge.

However, it's my job to provide investors like you with the best investment strategies.

The kind of strategies that are helping one Profitable Trading reader, Bruce S. of Pennsylvania, average "about $4,000 per month"...

And that helped William P. of Spokane, WA, pocket $26,000 in a single month.

So for a very limited time, I'm going to reveal exactly how this indicator works.

As we speak, it has identified 10 more "buys" for the coming year.

They're showing the exact same kinds of "buy" signals as the stocks that crushed the market over the past year.

Of course, I can't promise these 10 stocks will all end up in the top 50 a year from now.

But remember: this indicator also tagged 29 stocks right before they delivered double-digit gains in a month... including several that went on to deliver gains well over 100%.

So there's every reason to believe it could hand you several double- and triple-digit winners in the coming year.

With that in mind, I'm going to show you how it works.

I'll show you why history says it could deliver double- and triple-digit gainers every year for the next several decades...

Why this indicator could also protect you from the next big market crash...

And I'll even show you the name and ticker of one of the top stocks this indicator has tagged as a "buy."

Less than 1 in 1,275 stocks ever get this strong of a buy signal. When this has happened before, stocks have shot up over 50% in as little as six weeks.... and gone on to be some of the best-performing stocks of the year.

This one could be next... and you'll get its name and a full write-up in this presentation.

You truly can't find this information anywhere else. But it will only be available for a few days.

Here are all the details...

A Rare Peek into the Alpha Score

The name of our secret indicator is the "Alpha Score." We call it that because it has consistently found stocks that beat the market, with less risk than buy-and-hold investing... and because it can flag exactly which stocks are about to see double- and triple-digit jumps in the coming weeks and months.

I know that might seem hard to believe. So let me quickly show you how it works...

There's a company named Westmoreland Coal (NASDAQ: WLB). Most folks have never heard of it. It's an energy firm out of Colorado whose share price hadn't budged in two years.

However, on Dec. 18, 2013, this obscure company flashed an Alpha Score of 158.

This Alpha Score wasn't particularly high, given that the max score is 200.

But still, less than 1% of stocks ever have a score that high at any given time. So we published a report that day telling investors to buy shares NOW.

As soon as we published it, the stock bounced 33% in two weeks... 44% in less than six weeks... and 53% in eight weeks.

Over this same period, the market gained 3%.

But that's not all. Two months earlier, our Alpha Score indicator discovered an even bigger move...

This time it happened with a drug manufacturer named Gentium S.p.A (NASADQ: GENT). Like Westmoreland Coal, this company was virtually unknown, getting very little attention in the mainstream press.

But on Oct. 9, 2013, its Alpha Score came in at 198 -- a nearly perfect score.

We rushed an Alpha Alert to investors, saying that it was an immediate "buy."

Sure enough, it delivered an 83% gain in 28 days, and kept going from there.

Of course, not every stock with a high Alpha Score will jump that much. But we've tested this indicator on over 10 different kinds of stock. Blue-chip stocks, high-yield stocks, micro cap, energy, you name it.

Again and again, we've seen stocks with a high Alpha Score skyrocket in the days, weeks, and months following their "buy" signal...

10% in 10 days for ManpowerGroup (NYSE: MAN)...

36% in three months for EQT Midstream Partners (NYSE: EQM)...

26% in three weeks from Barrett Business Services (NASDAQ: BBSI)...

20% in one week from Bank of Ireland (NYSE: IRE)...

What Exactly Is the Alpha Score?

As you can probably tell, the Alpha Score isn't your everyday indicator.

It has nothing to do with options, buying or selling puts, taking out a margin account, or anything remotely complicated or risky.

In fact, it's based on triggers that have been independently verified by academic s and fund managers to be low risk... and even able to sidestep market crashes.

To add to that, the two traders I hired to create the Alpha Score with me were some of the most decorated and risk-averse traders you'll ever meet.

One was a 26-year trading veteran. He was one of only 1,400 traders in the world to earn the distinguished status of Chartered Market Technician.

Another was a former governor of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute -- a prestigious trading organization.

By the time we created the Alpha Score, we'd each helped protect the nest eggs of thousands of investors across the world. So we knew first-hand how costly taking unnecessary risks can be.

But this obsession with safety hasn't kept the Alpha Score from delivering quick double- and triple-digit gains...

Let's jump back to October. That's the month we started sending out Alpha Alerts to an exclusive group of investors.

At the time, the market was booming -- up 4.5% that month alone.

But we'd tested the Alpha Score and knew it could get much bigger returns.

So we fired up the Alpha Score system...

Sure enough, it flashed a 170 for a company named Kodiak Oil & Gas (NYSE: KOG).

Kodiak wasn't on a lot of people's radar... it had only gained 9% in 18 months.

But starting the day after we sent out our Alpha Alert, it proceeded to jump 13% in just two weeks.

Even better, that same day we alerted readers to another company called SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR). SunPower had an even better Alpha Score than Kodiak: 194.

Like Kodiak, SunPower wasn't on a lot of people's buy list. Just a year earlier, the entire solar sector had nosedived.

However, immediately following the Alert, SunPower jumped 28% in just two weeks.

But note that these results were far from random.

That month, five more stocks delivered quick two-week gains of 11.1%... 20%... 22.4%... 13.1%... and 26.8%.

So even one of the market's best recent months was no match for the Alpha Score.

What's more impressive is that many of these quick movers kept right on going. They added to their early bounces to return 54.5%... 48.5%... 64.7%... even 118.2% in as little as three months.

That's why I tell people that the Alpha Score is the best way I've ever seen to find stocks about to break out over the coming weeks and months.

But let me emphasize again... The Alpha Score isn't a complicated, risky trading strategy. It's something entirely different...

It's the perfect blending of two little-known triggers... Triggers that provide investors an extra layer of safety... and the chance for both quick and long-term gains.

The Secret to Beating a Fast-Growing Market

Take November 2013, for example.

At the time, the market was building on its October gains. It gained an additional 2.80%. Many pundits were starting to wonder if it would just be better to invest in an index fund that tracks the S&P 500.

But not those few investors who knew about the Alpha Score. They banked returns as much as 11 times greater than the market -- and in half the time.

On Nov. 7, for example, JetBlue Airways (NASDAQ: JBLU) came in with an Alpha Score of 169.

Normally, the airline industry is tough. Delta, Frontier, American Airlines and many more declared bankruptcy in the past decade.

And indeed, it had been a bumpy ride for JetBlue's investors.

Shares were only up about 5% over the previous three years -- much worse than the market.

But right after the Alpha Score pegged it, the stock bounced 16.5% in two weeks.

Amazingly, that wasn't the best "buy" signal of the month, though.

The Alpha Score also flashed "buy" for Manhattan Bridge Capital (NASDAQ: LOAN), a small firm out of New York.

Much like JetBlue, Manhattan's share price hadn't budged much for the previous five years. It was trading at about a third of its IPO price.

But lo and behold, within just two weeks of the signal, Manhattan Bridge delivered a 29.3% return.

All told, in November you could have booked the two big gainers mentioned above, plus several more two-week gains: 12%... 4.8%... 12.4%... another 29.3%... 13.6%... even 61.5%... and several more.

Note that I'm not talking annualized gains here. These are actual, verifiable returns from companies large and small trading on American stock exchanges.

And again: These gains had nothing to do with covered calls, leverage, or anything like that.

Every single stock move was spotted beforehand by an Alpha Score system that's been independently proven to deliver double- and triple-digit winners.

For example, this system triggered a "buy" signal with Southwest Airlines (NYSE: LUV) on May 1, 2014. Since then, it's up 37% -- more than 10 times the market's return.

And on July 12, 2014, it spotted Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ: SWKS). Since then, it's up 14% -- which we can't even compare to the market's negative return.

And you could have done even better with Panhandle Oil (NYSE: PHX). We spotted it on Feb. 26, 2014, and it delivered a 46% gain in its first three months.

But what's really exciting is that the Alpha Score continues to trigger "buys."

In fact, the next Alpha Alert comes out a few days from now. And when it does, if you're granted access, you could make several times more than the market no matter what kind of investor you are.

The Alpha Score will signal buys for popular blue-chip stocks... defensive stocks... large-cap stocks... even stocks that you've never heard of.

As we speak, one stock is at 179. Another just reached 184. Another is at 189. While obviously nothing is certain, if history is any guide, we could have some big winners on our hands.

This is especially exciting considering how much money folks have made by following the Alpha Score in the past...

"My most profitable trades from your picks are: 1) HIMX - I bought at $4.86 sold at $9.51 for 95.68%, 2) PRMW - I bought at $1.85 sold at $2.34 for 26.5%, and 3) SANM - I bought at $14.75 sold at $17.30 for 17.59% all in less than 3 months!"
-- George H, Kenner, LA

And the reason George and others are landing such big returns is because the Alpha Score can often spot big gainers before they take off...

In Just One Month, the Alpha Score Delivers Bigger Gains than the Market Makes All Year

Consider December 2013.

The market closed out one of its best years ever -- 29.6% gains.

Most investors would be thrilled with that kind of year.

But believe it or not, had you known about the Alpha Score, you could have beaten the market's annual returns -- in just one month.

On Dec. 18, Jazz Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: JAZZ) flashed an Alpha Score of 182. 182 isn't even an "out of this world" score, and it still crushed the market with 31.9% gains in just four weeks.

And two weeks earlier, on Dec. 4, another health care company, ANI Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ANIP), shot up even higher. Its Alpha Score came in at 174...

...and it proceeded to return 46.2% to finish the year.

By mid-January, it was up more than 75%.

We eventually closed the trade out for a 114% gain in eight months -- turning every $10,000 into $21,400.

In January, the Alpha Score continued to deliver market-beating returns.

You may remember that the market finally soured, dropping 3.6% that month.

Well, following all 13 of the "buys" flashed by the Alpha Score in January, not only would you have beaten the market overall... you could have made as much as 9% in 29 days from a stock called Matrix Service Company (NASDAQ: MTRX).

Its Alpha Score came in at 185 on Jan. 2, and it went on to deliver a near double-digit gain while the market tanked.

February, March and April had more of the same. In 14-day periods throughout those months, you could have seen:

22.1% gains with Flexsteel Industries (NASDAQ: FLXS)... 10.7% gains with ARRIS Group (NASDAQ: ARRS)... 20.6% gains with NXP Semiconductors (NASDAQ: NXPI)... 11.6% gains with Corning (NYSE: GLW)... 20.9% gains with Michael Kors Holdings Limited (NYSE: KORS)... and a dozen more.

And these gains have continued right up to today.

Micron Technology (NASDAQ: MU) is now up 99.3% since our initial recommendation last year.

American Railcar Industries (NASDAQ: ARII) -- a completely overlooked company making a fortune from America's energy boom -- is up 15.7% since May.

Hi-Crush Partners bounced an additional 61% from May to September of this year...

And Bitauto Holdings jumped a remarkable 74% since June 1.

Bottom line: From the day we first revealed the Alpha Score in full to a small group of traders -- Oct. 9, 2013 -- it has beaten the market time and again while delivering...

  • 20% gains in 14 days with an industrial metals company
  • 64% gains from a health care company in 48 days
  • 118% gains in 84 days with a pharmaceutical company
  • And many more...

And as I mentioned earlier, it found four of the top 20 stocks of the year.

See for yourself...

Company Name* Ticker
1. Arc Group Worldwide ARCW
2. Natural Health NHTC
3. Highpower Int'l HPJ
4. Cardinal Ethanol CRDE
5. Wildan Group WLDN
6. ALJ Regional Holdings ALJJ
7. BitAuto Holdings BITA
8. China Digital STV
9. Pacific Ethanol PEIX
10. Emerge Energy Services EMES
11. Federated National FHNC
12. Vipshop Holdings VIPS
13. CT Partners CTP
14. Covenant Transportation CVTI
15. Granite Falls GFGY
16. ANI Pharmaceuticals ANIP
17. Aemetis Inc AMTX
18. Ladenburg Thalmann LTS
19. MGP Ingredients MGPI
20. Lannett Co. LCI
*To avoid fly-by-night penny stocks, this list only includes profitable companies with market caps over $100 million

Now, obviously not every stock is going to soar. But the average losing position has been just -8.4%. So those who've followed the Alpha Score could have captured huge gains -- without putting their nest egg at risk.

And note too, that the gains have come from ALL market sectors.

Blue chips... high-yielders... gold miners... dividend growers... large caps... international... energy... micro caps... tech and more.

I hope you're starting to see how accurate the Alpha Score system can be at finding HUGE stock moves right before they happen.

You can also see why all eyes are on the next Alpha Alert. We're seeing some of the highest Alpha Scores to date... the kind that could deliver immediate gains and long-term growth.

Because the truth is, not only can the Alpha Score produce windfalls practically overnight... it's also proven that it can beat the market over the long haul.

In fact, impartial third parties have shown that the Alpha Score has beaten the market for the past 60-plus years.

Let me show you...

Independently Verified to Beat the Market by Academics and Fund Managers

To fully grasp the Alpha Score's long-term potential, you first have to understand something...

The Alpha Score is derived by combining two of the market's most effective triggers -- one a technical trigger, and the other a fundamental trigger.

These "Alpha Triggers," as we call them, aren't very well known by the investment community. You may see them mentioned here and there individually. But I've never found a single website or financial magazine that shows how powerful they are when combined.

However, they've proven to work during bull markets, bear markets, wars, market bubbles, inflation and deflation.

"Alpha Trigger #1" has been independently verified in peer-reviewed academic journals to deliver market-beating returns.

One landmark study was performed in 2012. An investment manager named James O'Shaughnessy tested over 60 different market triggers going all the way back to 1926. He conducted exhaustive back-tests of various fundamental and technical variables to identify which, if any, were predictive of future performance.

He looked at all kinds of metrics people use to buy stocks: low P/E ratios, low price-to-book ratios, high dividend yields, high profit margins, etc.

His research demonstrated that Trigger #1 outperformed all others and consistently beat the market by a huge margin.

See for yourself...

Between 1926 and 2009, the market turned $10,000 into $38 million.

Not bad...

But Alpha Trigger #1 turned $10,000 into an astonishing $572 million.

The well-respected investment firm Value Line has also proven that Trigger #1 beats the market.

Value Line has been around since the 1930s. And in 1965, it started an index with Trigger #1 as its main growth driver.

How has this index done? As Value Line says: The results "have been spectacular."

Between 1965 and 2013, thanks to Trigger #1, the index returned 24,513%. Meanwhile, the S&P was up a paltry 1,722%

But here's where it gets really interesting...

Bigger Gains than the S&P... Without Extra Risk

Not only have stocks with high Alpha Scores beat the S&P going all the way back to 1926... they've also been extremely safe.

Part of the reason for this extra safety is "Alpha Trigger #2."

This second trigger is a crucial indicator of success, and is a favorite of legendary investors.

Legends like...

Peter Lynch, whose Magellan Fund returned 29% annually over the 13 years he ran it...

Billionaire Donald Yacktman, whose fund has returned an average of 22.3% per year over the past five years, crushing the market...

And Warren Buffett, the world's greatest investor...

All these gurus have said "Alpha Trigger #2" is "a key factor in analyzing a stock."

On top of that, The Wall Street Journal says: "Forget about Profit, [Alpha Trigger #2] is king."

Fifty years of data back this up. In James O'Shaughnessy's research, he found that stocks with Trigger #2 beat the market, but also have a higher level of safety. Going back to 1964, these stocks were, on average, 11% less volatile per year than the market.

No wonder financial analyst Robert Barone says that "Alpha Trigger #2" provides "the ultimate margin of safety."

To be clear, this trigger has nothing to do with common metrics like the P/E ratio or earnings per share. Those can be manipulated, and therefore, don't provide the safety we're looking for. Enron, after all, had strong earnings before it plunged.

That's not the case with "Alpha Trigger #2." In fact, Investopedia says it offers "a better representation of the company's operation" than commonly-used metrics.

That's why, when you combine Trigger #2 with Trigger #1, I can confidently state with near-100% certainty that you won't ever experience an Enron-like collapse -- or anything close to that.

Of course, occasionally there are small losses. But as you've seen, the Alpha Score has obliterated the market for over half a century, and that includes the down years.

Look no further than 2008, when we saw the greatest crash since the Great Depression.

While millions lost their shirts, those who followed the Alpha Score actually gained 0.8%, beating the market by 37.8 percentage points.

Bottom line: Figuring conservatively, I believe the Alpha Score could deliver numerous double-digit gains in a matter of weeks... and several triple-digit gains over the next year, without extra risk.

And it's likely that these gains will come from a broad range of stocks: large, small, and everything in between.

Obviously nothing is guaranteed -- and you should always keep in mind that investing involves risk.

But remember: Right out of the gate, the Alpha Score churned out a 20% gain in 14 days and a 19% gain in seven days.

And many stocks have gone on to boast 33%... 119%... even 266% gains -- all in less than a year.

And remember, too, that the upcoming Alpha Alert is flashing some of the highest scores we've EVER seen -- as high as 189. If history is any guide, some of these stocks could end up being the biggest winners yet.

The point is, the Alpha Score has beaten the market in the long and short term, with all different kinds of stocks. So I think -- no matter what kind of investor you are -- you owe it to yourself to at least give it a look.

But if you'd like to do so, you're going to have to act fast. Because we will NEVER allow this secret strategy to be widely known...

Why So Secretive?

You see, we're very protective of the Alpha Score. To this day, it remains a secret to everyone except a very small group of traders.

Why so secretive?

Because it's been proven that once a market-beating strategy gets too widely known, it can lose its effectiveness.

G. William Schwert, a professor of finance at the University of Rochester, explains that:

"After they are documented and analyzed in the academic literature, [market-beating strategies] often seem to disappear..."

For example, back in 1981, an academic named Rolf Banz published a paper on something called the "small-firm effect." This paper showed that buying small-cap stocks generated "abnormal returns," even when adjusted for risk.

Indeed, both the Federal Reserve and Standard and Poor's proved that, between 1970 and 1983, small-cap stocks beat large-cap stocks.

At around the same time, researchers uncovered the "value effect," which showed that buying low P/E ratio stocks earned market-beating returns.

But an interesting thing happened after these two market-beating effects were publicized. They vanished.

As Schwert went on to say in his research paper, "The size effect and the value effect seem to have disappeared after the papers that highlighted them were published."

Indeed, financial author Keith Redhead wrote that there was evidence "that the small-firm advantage reversed during the 1980s," shortly after it was made public.

But these aren't the only strategies to lose their effectiveness after coming to light...

You may have heard of the "Dogs of the Dow." This strategy was made famous by investment manager Michael O'Higgins in his 1991 book, "Beating the Dow."

All O'Higgins did was invest in the 10 highest-yielding Dow stocks -- the laggards. Since they're still in the Dow, so the theory goes, they're still good stocks and are likely to rebound.

And rebound they did. Back-testing showed that this simple strategy beat the market going all the way back to the 1920s. O'Higgins had been using it for years, dazzling clients with big, consistent returns.

But once again, the very year after the book revealed the strategy, performance lagged.

After beating the market for decades, between 1992 and 2011, the "Dogs" performed no better than the market itself.

Another spoiled strategy was the so-called "January Effect."

Because of tax-loss selling and other factors, for many years January was a great time to buy stocks.

In fact, research showed that you could average 7x better returns in January than any other month.

But then people started talking about it. In 1976, two academics -- Michael Rozeff and William Kinney -- showed that between 1904 and 1974, January returns averaged 3.5%. The other months were closer to 0.5%.

The cat was out of the bag.

More and more research papers surfaced, and before long, this once-powerful strategy had lost its winning edge.

As Investopedia states, "This historical trend, however, has been less pronounced in recent years because the markets have adjusted for it."

Why does this happen?

Once the strategies are made public, everybody starts doing it. That's again according to Schwert, a professor who's studied this phenomenon as much as anybody.

He concluded, "Once identified by researchers, the magnitude of [market-beating strategies] will tend to dissipate as investors seek to profitably exploit the return patterns..."

In other words, as more and more people start doing it, it becomes harder and harder to find hidden opportunities.

We see the same thing happen in other fields, too...

It's Happened Before, With Disastrous Results...

For instance, in the late '90s the Oakland A's were about the only baseball team using advanced stats to evaluate players.

And since no one else was doing it, it was easy. The team easily scooped up talented, overlooked minor leaguers. They found future stars like Johnny Damon and Nick Swisher, for example, who would later be key players for the New York Yankees in their 2009 World Series run.

But over time, more and more people caught on to what the A's were doing. Then the book "Moneyball" was published. Pretty soon, everybody was using advanced stats.

Now it's a lot harder for the A's to find overlooked players.

And as sportswriter Andrew Woo reported, "Once [their] methods pervaded front offices, the A's slipped back into losing."

That's why the creator of the Alpha Score has not made his findings public. After all, if you discovered the key to making a fortune trading stocks, would you share it with the world?

If you did, history says it would lose its power.

That's why, to this day, the Alpha Score remains very much a secret -- and remains very powerful...

For instance, in May 2013 it signaled that Micron Technology was a "buy." Before that, Micron looked like your average tech stock.

Big jump during the tech bubble, mostly flat otherwise.

Not a lot of investors were giving it the time of day.

But that's because they didn't know it had an insanely high Alpha Score of 199. Less than 1 in 5,000 stocks have a score that high at any given time.

Take a look at what happened next...

MU popped 28% in less than six weeks... 60% in less than five months... and 110% in less than nine months.

That's the power of the Alpha Score in action. And as long as it remains largely unknown, it should continue to find fast-moving stocks.

In fact, as we speak, the Alpha Score is flashing "buy" on a little-known stock.

It has found a high-scoring stock that's seen extreme demand, particularly over the past year. It's essential to the next phase of America's cell phone revolution, and appears to be on its way to high double- or even triple-digit growth.

I'll give you its name in a moment, but first there's an urgent matter you need to know about...

How You Could Start Beating the Market Using the Alpha Score

We've used variations of the Alpha Score for years. And we're passionate about keeping it confidential.

But our mission here at Profitable Trading is to help the investment community in any way we can. So we've decided to let a few hundred more people in on the secret.

To that end, we're circulating a research report that reveals how the Alpha Score works... but only for a very limited time.


Remember: We can't have our secret getting out. We have to keep the timeframe short to make it hard for word to spread quickly.

So what I've done is put together a special report that explains exactly how we combine the two Alpha triggers to figure out which stocks have a high probability of bouncing in the near future.

I can almost guarantee that most investors would NEVER think to combine these two triggers. On the surface, they don't seem to have anything to do with each other. Only after my team and I spent literally hundreds of hours researching were we convinced that the triggers should be combined.

But it was worth the time. Because over the past 10 years, combining the two triggers produced a 21% average annual return AND beat the market by nearly 5-to-1.

In this report, you'll see how to combine them. And you'll also learn how the Alpha Score could protect you from market crashes, inflation, rising interest rates and more.

This report is called: The Alpha Score: The Secret to Finding Stocks Before They Soar.

I urge you to get this report today. I believe it's the best way for you to both protect and grow your wealth throughout the year. You won't find all the information it contains in one place anywhere else.

It explains in clear, simple language how to combine the two scores, and how you can start using the Alpha Score within the next few minutes. I think you'll be surprised at how easy and intuitive it is.

So how much does this report cost?

Actually, I'd like to give it to you absolutely free. All I ask in return is that you try out my research service, Alpha Trader.

I've been in this business for years, and I've come across scores of research publications. Without a doubt, Alpha Trader is one of the best at catering to both conservative and aggressive investors.

Twice a month, we fire up the Alpha Score system and disclose the highest-ranked Alpha Score stocks across 10 different types of investments.

We have a portfolio with the best-performing small caps... another with the best large caps... yet another with the best-performing energy stocks... and so on, all the way up to 10 portfolios.

So whether you're an ultra-defensive investor or a high-growth micro-cap investor, you'll find your kind of stocks in this publication.

For example, back in October, a blue-chip stock named Dow Chemical (NYSE: DOW) got a 172 rating.

If you have any experience with blue chips, you know that they often move slowly. It's not uncommon to see 5% annual growth.

Well, after posting a high Alpha Score, Dow Chemical shot up 6.8% in 14 days.

Then in November, an energy stock named New Concept Energy (NYSE: GBR) scored 183. After posting a 1% gain for the previous two years, it jumped 18% in eight days.

And this kind of explosive growth continues today with other stocks.

I briefly mentioned a stock essential to the cell phone revolution a few minutes ago. It's flashing a high Alpha Score and signaling "buy."

See, as you may know, the number of mobile devices is going through the roof. When Apple released its iPhone 6 on Sept. 19, it sold 10 million in three days -- a new record.

But that's just a small piece of the pie.

According to research firm Statista, by 2016, the number of Americans using smartphones should increase 207% from what it was in 2010.

Well, the company we've found -- Skyworks Solutions (NASDAQ: SWKS) -- makes a key chip found in smartphones. Specifically, it makes a high-tech microchip that helps phones convert and boost radio frequency signals, improving user experience.

Thanks to huge growth in mobile technology... and huge demand for this company's product... its shares have jumped 14.2% since the Alpha Score first tagged it in July.

But this looks like just the beginning.

As the cell phone revolution continues, manufacturers will have no choice but to buy more and more of Skyworks' microchips.

Analysts are even saying that chipmakers are entering a "Golden Age."

Skyworks is taking full advantage. It has no debt to speak of and is growing revenue 10% faster than the industry average.

In fact, in the coming months, the company is expected to grow its earnings 94%... and boost its revenue 38%... from where each of these figures was in 2012.

As a result, it's flashing an Alpha Score of 180 -- a score only about 10 other firms on the planet can match.

If I were you, I'd at least look into this stock before the end of the day.

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